My Motivation…

Well, it is time to leave for some needed training. I will be away from my wife and my friends, but there is one thing that I know what will remain true and constant…

She will be there when I get back.

My heart remains full of love, full of happiness as I leave. My mind will be busy as I will be missing her and thinking about her. She is my world, my everything. She is my motivation, my “umph” to give that extra mile, that voice in my head that shouts “get up! Get up! Keep going!”

I do this for her, for her protection, for my love of her.

I will not quit.

I will not give up.

I will not be defeated.

I will succeed!

I will win!

I will return to her!

She is my motivation.

Do you have yours?

-Psyiah Nalani

One thought on “My Motivation…”

  1. Our minds are powerful. They allow us to see the best but also allow us to imagine the worst. We have some amazing friends Psyiah. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives. I know you worry, but you have no need to. None of our friends are going to take me away from you. You are my one true love. I will love you and honor you and have you as my wife for all the days I live.


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