My Dearest Annimae…

Anni, my bond for you has grown in the past recent months. My adoration for you has grown and I just can’t seem to stop thinking about you. If I go to my work, something there reminds me of you. If I am with one of our friends, you run across my mind. If I am having a bad day, the thought of you makes me smile. Everything reminds me of you in some sort of way, and I just can’t stop… and I hope it never does.

Now… looking back and seeing the time we have spent together, keeps me smiling. The wonderful times we have shared, the exciting new discoveries, and even the ugly times. Everything that has happened, has been worth every second spending my time with you. Being in that church tonight, at our friends wedding, and seeing them give their vows… it reminded me of that day, the best day of my life… our lives.

Nothing can compare how much I love you. I cannot explain the love I have for you, the loyalty, the dedication, and the support you have from me. I will keep defending you, protecting you, loving you, worshiping you, and supporting you in every way I can. You are my reason… my goal… my love.

I love you so very much Anni… I love with with every inch of me, the very fabric of my soul… you are my best friend, my lover, my partner-in-crime, and my wife.

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~Psyiah ♥


I sat in the lecture being remotely stimulated by master.

I was given permission to use master’s toys. I slipped my favorite tiny, remote controlled vibrator in my pussy before I left the house this morning. A few minutes before a lecture I was attending and speaking in, I was texting master . I forgot the vibrator remote at home. Master found it! I sat in the lecture being remotely stimulated by master. When I got up to speak, master turned it up to high. I rushed through my segment and hurried back to my seat. I couldn’t control my body and came in my panties. It soaked through my skirt too! Gods, I was so embarrassed…

Beaten and Used

My body does not belong to me any more, once I was collared, I gave up my body to my owner.  Tonight she came home frustrated and used me the way a good slave should be used.

First she bent me over and beat me.  She struck my ass and pussy over and over until they stung.  She was taking out her anger on me.

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Then she said she wanted sex.  I told her I wasn’t in the mood but it didn’t matter.  She forced herself on me and had sex with me any way.  I was obedient and let her have her way with me.  She forced me to cum multiple times including squirting all over her chest.

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Master thanked me for being so obedient and gave me cuddles.

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She nursed off me, drinking all my milk.  She knew my breasts hurt and took care of me.

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This body I am in belongs to her.  I give it to her for her use and her pleasure.  It brings me joy to know she looks to this body to fulfill her needs.

A Little Emotional 1/10

Oh gods… Talk about an emotional wreck. 😢

I woke up during the middle of the night and noticed my pillow was wet. I noticed my eyes hurt a bit. I looked over and master was not in bed. I began to toss and turn and just could not sleep. I felt sad and I began to cry again. I hugged the pillow deeply and began to sing to myself. I just needed to calm down…

I think I miss my wife… I think I miss her a lot more than I let on. Just writing this is making me cry again. I miss you Anni… Only you can make me feel safe. 😭
This is the song that helped me go to sleep.

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You are my everything♥


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