Now, Forever & Always

I hold her, my heart healed, my soul once more whole.

Now, Forever and Always

These words were spoken to me by my wife yesterday evening as we stood before each other and renewed our vows.

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Psy has always been good with words.  Not me.  I don’t have words to describe the love I have for my wife.  Even yesterday, as we exchanged vows, I fumbled over my words, having a hard time saying what I was feeling.

I am not an easy kitten to be with, I know. I aggravate her with my stubbornness.  I know she hates the way I forget to put the cap on the toothpaste tube.  And I don’t always remember to tell her when I am going to be home late.  But she still loves me.  She never points out my flaws, she never draws attention to my mistakes.  She just loves me for me.  She accepts me for who I am and everything I am and loves all of it.

I tell her I don’t deserve her.  Its cliche, I know, but there isn’t another way to say it.  I feel so special because of her.  I feel like she deserves someone who is a better lover and care taker.  Someone who can be a better provider.  I just, I guess I feel like I just wanna curl up in her arms and beg for her to never let me go.  I need her in my life.

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When I am home alone, my heart feels empty.  I roam around the house bored and unable to find anything I want to do.  I do a little dusting, I rearrange the furniture, I play solitaire triple triad…I mope about and feel “blah”.  My heart like legit aches.  I can’t seem to cure the pain, only Psyiah can.  Only the sound of the front door closing and the sound of her voice as she calls to me, can heal that pain.  I throw my arms around her and welcome her home with a big hug.  I hold her, my heart healed, my soul once more whole.

I have a very technical mind, and its hard for me to put my emotions into words.  Hell all I’ve done here is blabber and throw together random thoughts trying to piece together a way to let my wife know she is my entire world and without her, nothing matters.

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Psyiah, if you’re reading this, please know that you are my one true love.  I would give up anything for you.  You really truly do make my world a better place.

Being Milked by Master

A slave shows her master how to use a milking machine.

Master: “So kitten, did you have plans for the day?”

Anni’s ears twitch, indicating her happiness. “Um….master said, yesterday, she wanted to spend time with kitten today.”

Master: “Yes I did.  Master does not have anything she needs to do really, so I would like to help you some more.”

Anni: “oh? well thank you master!”

Master: “I just want time with my kitten.”

Anni: “Your kitten got more tan before the ceremony yesterday, and she did her hair different. Is master pleased with these changes?”

Master: “I am kitten, you look like a golden goddess.”

Anni blushes and looks away. “Oh master….”

Anni puts on her glasses and winks at her master.

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Master: “I love your eyes kitten.” She winks at Anni.

Anni: “Thank you master! Kitten’s wife likes them too.  Oh! kitten just thought of something.”

Master: “Whats that kitten.”

Anni: “Kitten bought a breast pumping kit for her pet but….it hasn’t been used yet….” Anni winks.

Master giggles. “You want to give it a shot? I have never seen one so you might need to show me what to do.”

Anni nods before getting up and going over to a drawer where she has been keeping some clothes and personal belonging. She pulls out the box and removes the pieces.

Master: “So, this is the pump? It looks kind of small.”

Anni: “mmhmm yup this is it.  OK, so we have two cups with nipple shields that go on like this….. then we hook a tube to each one and those connect here…. on this pumping unit.

Master nods to Anni.

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Anni: “So just flip this switch here…..” Anni turns it on and it begins to make a quiet humming sound. “And here…. hold these up to my breasts.” Anni hands the two cups to her master.

Master looks them over, thinking they look very odd, but does as Anni says and places them gently to her breast. “Like this kitten?” She keeps her hands in place smiling at her kitten.

The nipple shields fit nicely around Anni’s nipples and as soon as they are fully on Anni’s skin, the suction pulls them on. Instantly Anni’s nipples can be seen pulsing with the suction. “Yup…now the suction will hold them on, you can let go.”

Master drops her hands and watches as the machine does its work.  “Wow, that’s kind of sexy to watch kitten!” She blushes and keeps watching Anni’s chest.

A few moments go by and in that time Anni gently massages her breast tissue, stimulating the flow of milk. After about 30 seconds milk begins to squirt from Anni’s nipples. It drips into the collection cups. Anni smiles at her master. “There master, you are milking me!”

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Master smiles. “Oh kitten, you make so much milk. I will have to drink some once you are done. I love the taste so much.

Anni smiles at her owner. “Yup its good enough to use in place of bovine milk if you wish. In your coffee, on cereal…. some people say its sweeter than regular milk so there is often a demand for it at markets. You might be surprised what it is worth.”

Master: “I can save this and have you with my coffee in the morning?” She smiles big.

Anni: “Mmhmm you sure can, just refrigerate as you would normally.” Anni looks down at her nipples and checks the output. She turns up the pump a little.

Master kisses Anni as the pump does its magic, she slips her tongue past her lips and playfully combats hers.

Anni closes her eyes and gently sucks on her owner’s tongue as they make out. Anni’s tongue swirls around her master’s, playing hard to get. The milk machine continues to tug at Anni’s nipples, draining her breasts of her milk.

Master pulls from the kiss and sees that less milk is starting to flow.  “Hey kitten, I think you might be close to done.”

Anni looks down and nods. She sees very little milk is squirting out now. She grabs onto the cups. “Ok master, turn off the pump.”

Master flips the switch, and seeing milk still on her kitten, she helps herself to whats left, sucking and licking it up. She moans as she does.

Anni pulls the cups away from her nipples and giggles as her master helps herself to the residual drips.  “And that’s all there is to it master. Now you have two almost full cups of your kitten’s milk.” Anni smiles.  “Would master like to keep this kit? Kitten will buy a new one for her pet. Then master can milk her slave any time she wishes.”

Master: “I would kitten, I would.” She smiles as she nods. “Your milk is so good.”

Anni: “Purrrfect!” She giggles

Master: “You gave master a lesson!”

Anni giggles, “Well kitten kind of did.”

Master: “Do your breast feel better now?” She playfully jiggles them.

Anni:  “Oh!” She giggles. “Oh yes master, much better. And now kitten’s body will get busy making more milk!”  Anni smiles, “Wana try some of that milk?” Anni winks.

Master: “Yes please!” She grins like a little girl.

Anni turns her back to her master and bends over to pick up one of the cups. The tape covering her pussy is shown. Anni hands it to master. “Here you go.”

Master loves watching Anni bend over, and is still grinning when Anni hands her the cup. “Thank you kitten.” She starts drinking, she loves it so that she ends up finished the whole cup, she looks a bit embarrassed as she drank so much.

Anni giggles at her master. “Good huh?” Anni leans in for a kiss on her master’s milk covered lips.

Master kisses back, she is so happy right now, her kitten is just making every bad thing in her life go away. “Yes kitten, it might be my favorite, over apples and kiwi.”

Anni: “Whoa, that’s like really good then!” She giggles.

Master: “I get to taste kitten with every drink.”

Anni: “The day is still early, kitten will be ready for another milking tonight before bed. Being milked every 12 hours is best but kitten can do a whole day with just one milking, but her breasts are really sore then.”

Master: “You have so much to give kitten.”

Anni: “…and I want you to have it all master.”

Master: “I would love to drink from you again.”

Anni: “You may master, as soon as Kitten has made more, it is all yours!”

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My owner holding my body after milking me.

1 Year Anniversary

It is amazing how one year passes by so quickly. So much has happened, so much is yet to come. Taking time to reflect on what has happened is important, to see how far one has come, how many adventures have passed and how much is yet to be explored.

When I first met Annimae, it was just be curiosity. She was a cute and flirtatious girl just eager to meet new people. I saw some of her pictures and just felt the need to comment on them. They stood out to me on her taking her time to pose, and get the picture just right. I felt a bit envious of her skill. So, I said something.

She then whispered me on a private message and it gave me butterflies. It was so odd, just some new girl I met, I didn’t really know anything about, yet… I was so nervous around her. She teased me, but I held back and denied her flirty advances. I blushed and just felt so flattered that she enjoyed… well me!

After sometime and some gray area not worth mentioning… I found myself unable to stop thinking about her. We kept talking and met up here and there. Although the meet ups where not really to talk, hehehe. Ugh… I am getting butterflies just thinking this! Hehe! So eventually I decided to move to her realm as I found myself lost and… frankly the attention was nice. She was sweet, but yet to helpful too. As soon I arrived, she helped get an apartment for me! I hung out at her place, and gods she was so beautiful. I could not keep my eyes off of her, but we ended the night just talking.

Days turned into weeks and I could not stop thinking about her. My days where lost… just day dreaming about my new friend. I finally ended up having her over at my apartment. And she snuggled with me. Oh gods.. It was so.. I was such a nervous wreck! Eventually she had to go, as some things prevented her from going forward, and I respected that. I didn’t want to cause issues that where brewing in the background.

Every day I thought about her, just fantasizing about her. She could not get out of my head. Eventually, our friendship took a new turn. I wanted her, but could not have her… until one day she came to me, brokenhearted and sad. I comforted her and placed her feelings above my own. I needed to be there for her, I needed to make sure she knew that I would always be her support.

From there, things moved forward and I proposed to her. It was a special night, and I was beyond nervous, I mean she had been my girlfriend for a while now and I wanted her to make sure she knew that I loved her so much, that I wanted to be bonded with her. She said yes, and that day was the happiest day of my life, and won’t ever forget it. December 9th.


Then, came the day I have been waiting for since I proposed to her… our wedding, January 20th. I married my best friend. I married my lover, I married someone who would always have my back, my best interest, my support, my love, my dedication, and a girl who just loves me for who I am, a silly playful kitten. My heart pounds just writing this, it pounds of the reminder of her love, of the feeling I felt at that alter.. saying those words I will never forget, never question, never hesitate to say again, and again…

I do.


I sit there, thinking how one year has passed since that day, and I can’t help by cry in joy. Cry how this wonderful life I have with her, is real. It is not fake, not some fling.. not some habit.. but oh so real… I love her, I love her so much beyond anything I can even write on here. My life with her has been a dream come true. True happiness that I can’t ever begin to express without crying and saying the words that I will never take for granted…

I love you Annimae Nalani.. now, forever, and always.


-Your wife

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