For You…

Last night, I wanted to show Annimae that I want to be a full part of her life, not just the parts that I am comfortable with. I love her, and I am going to miss her something fierce while I am away. But I know that I want her not to forget this night.

I was waiting for her by the door, eagerly waiting. My heart pounded as I saw the time go by waiting for my wife to get home. The night was going through my head, and I was not sure how it would go. I just… I want to show her I want to be a full part of her life.

As she entered, my tail swayed, and my ears twitched happily. She came over and hugged me. We stood up and my wife began to talk. The conversation was not important, as I had one thing in mind: Her. She seduced me as she took off everything. Her body was gorgeous, and as my friend once said, she is a “golden goddess”.

She walked down stairs swaying her hips and I tripped and fell as I ripped off my own dress to follow her. I took off everything and followed her down to the living room. There I picked her up and the passion began.

I grabbed her, and her legs wrapped around my hips. After we passionately kissed, I took her down to the rug in front of the fireplace. With Anni’s back on the rug, I began to give her the best night I could give her.

I began to kiss her deeply and passionately, our tongue dancing in our mouths. My desire burned for her, but I had a plan for this evening. I moved my mouth from her lips to her neck and began to nibble on Anni’s neck. My fangs where showing and I grazed them across her skin. I grabbed her breast and stated, “Mine!” I began to move south. I got to her nipples and I began to tug at them with my teeth as I bit them. My mouth kept moving south, biting her skin as I inched closer to her flower. I grabbed her flower and stated, “Mine!”. Once there I began to lick her wet pussy and nibbled on her labia. She bit down on tugged at it. I avoided moving the jewelry off her labia. I was beginning to set the scene for the next part. I felt her enjoy what I was doing. My nails dragged across her toned tummy as I left light marks. My arousal shot up as I felt Anni enjoy the slight pain I was giving her. So, I raised the intensity.

I quickly grabbed her and turned her over. I placed her head on the carpet and her ass in the air. I saw her pussy and gave it a quick smack. I saw her jump as it shocked her. I smacked her ass as well, leaving a sting behind. She grinned as I saw her enjoy it. I noticed she was anticipating the smack, so I decided to blindfold her. Now blind, she was unaware when I was going to smack her pussy. I smacked once, then began to talk to distract her. I smacked again grinning at her yelp in pain. I knew I was in control, so I could keep myself from seriously hurting her. I smacked her once more on her clit and I saw her jump. The large amount of precum just oozing out of her flower amazing. This was turning her on so much and I loved it. She was begging for a release.

I taunted her and as I wanted to see if she could resist cumming if I slapped her pussy multiple times. I went quick and fast. Just letting precum splash everywhere. I smacked her pussy over and over and over and over. She howled in pain, but I knew it was pain she wanted. She dug her nails into our carpet and her knees where in a puddle of her own nectar indicating her intense arousal. I noticed she was getting so close on orgasming and she begged to be allowed to be released. Seeing her body tremble, her moans, the carpet, and her precum, I thought to myself she was ready for her release. I gave her one last smack and rubbed as fast as I could as my hand remained on her pussy. Then she exploded, releasing her nectar in squirting fashion. She howled and yelped as the pleasure consumed her. I did not stop there, I slid my index and middle finger in her pussy and my thumb into her anus. With cum everywhere, it was not hard to lube up my finger with her. I began to finger fuck her rapidly and hard. In and out, in and out. Hard and not stopping. She yelled in pain as I forced my finger in her. She tried to resist but by now she was lost in the lust and passion of it all. I was so turned on by how she reacted to it all. I know she was not expecting this out of me, as she knew I was not a fan of this life… but not tonight. Tonight, I wanted to show her that I want to be a part of all of her, not just parts of her wants and desires. She came once again from the fingering and it made me excited.

My lust for her grew rapidly as she began to calm down from her intense orgasm. I didn’t want it to stop, so I picked her up and rapidly moved towards the bedroom. There I dropped her on the bed, and quickly grabbed the strap-on I had ready for her. I put it on and saw her squirm to try and get away. I grabbed her and turned her over once more. With strap-on on and her ass in the air once more, I rammed my rubber cock into her pussy. She yelped in pain as I began to fuck her hard. I pulled out the rubber member and slide it into her anus. I was slow for a bit but did wait. I wanted to take her and take her now. I slide the well lubed rubber cock in her anus and began fucking her ass. I made sure to grip her hips and slam my strap-on on her. The sound of skin hitting skin and moaning was all you could hear.

With blindfold still on, she was at my mercy, just giving her what she wanted, what she desired. I switched form anus to pussy, and pussy to anus. Fucking each hole faster and harder. Slamming the rubber member into her cervix and sliding the rubber cock deep into her anus. Precum was everywhere along with cum. I felt myself getting close to orgasm. I slammed hard and hard inside her. I grabbed her hair and pulled hard. She yelped and winced at the pain. She wanted more. I smacked her ass hard leaving a red mark. She moaned and yelped in pain and pleasure. Harder and faster, fucking both her holes, deep and rough just how she wanted it. She was mine and I wanted her to know that. Again, I slammed in her and I felt her cum once more. At that point I lost count how many times she orgasmed, as there was cum everywhere. I slammed once more, and I orgasmed. The pleasure was beyond anything I ever encountered. To be this forceful to be this dominating, the feeling was addicting, and I wanted more.

Once I finished orgasming, I pulled out of her and turned her over. She laid there panting and sweating from the pain and pleasure. I took off the strap-on and laid in front of the flower. I began to lick her labia but moved up her body kissing and biting her. I got to her one breast and began to nurse a bit. I was not gentle either, I wanted her milk, and I got what I wanted. I moved to her other breast and nursed again. My hand remained on her pussy and I kept rubbing. She came once more, and her body seemed it has reached a limit as she shook as the last orgasm took over.

I moved up and laid next to her. Panting and breathing heavy. She commented on how what was amazing, and she didn’t even see that coming. I blushed and told her what had happened. Earlier that day I spoke with her master, and we had a long chat. I expressed to her that I wanted to understand… and learn more about what my wife likes about this life style she has. Her master was kind and explained some things and even gave some tips as I wanted to learn more and be part of this life my wife likes so much. She was happy to help and was happy that she could help my relationship with my wife more.

Anni was amazing and so happy to hear what I did. I did it for her, I just want her to know how much I love her and am dedicated to her. She is my world and I wanted to show her that. Anni and I talked a bit and snuggled up. We kissed and found ourselves giggling. It was not long until she was asleep. My beautiful wife was in my arms and I had done something for her, gone way out of my comfort zone to please her. Not me, but her. In the end, I enjoyed it very much as well.

I do this for you…


Remember, just because you do not like something that your partner, lover, wife, or girl/boyfriend likes, give it a try. You will be amazed how much more you will like it when both of you share that common bond.


I love you Annimae, I love everything about you.


-Psyiah Nalani♥

2 thoughts on “For You…”

  1. Gods baby, that evening was incredible. The way you made my body feel sent me to the moon and back. Thank you for your efforts, you were amazing!


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