Being Owned: Masters House

So as today was not that great day, but it did end up being a bit better. It started with Anni’s master and me, and we went on an adventure to take kick some butt in a dungeon! It was fun! Soon after I found myself with some fun voyeurism as I watched Anni and her master… get hot and bothered. It was so hot. I am sure Anni will post about it later :p  Then my master and me went to go kick some butt! It was fun and very entertaining!

OH, oh oh!! I asked my master if I could stay with her for the evening, and she was more than happy to have me. Not only that, I… I was bold and asked her if I could… move in. She was excited about the idea and agreed to take it into serious consideration.

So, naturally, I went on a selfie obsession picture taking adventure in my master’s home! The camera and me really clicked!

*Giggles at her own joke*

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I love her books, and her table. Naturally I had to dance on it! Hehe.

I found some wrists straps and a blindfold, so naturally I took some more pictures.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 21-57-16

A few more naughty pictures.

It was fun to enjoy her pretty house.

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Well that is it for me. Good night Hydaelyn!♥


New Job: Training Day

Today was… well I will let you decide on it….

I woke up earlier than usual due to it being training day. My breasts felt very sensitive today. My nipples especially. I was moving so slow this morning, and I even made a racket crawling out of bed. I hit my dildo off of the night stand and I think I might have woken up my wife.

I had enough time to mail out a special package to my master before leaving. I hope she likes it!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 19-17-30

Time was just moving so slow for me. I was almost late for roll call. Luckily I got to the back of our gathering at Sekiseigumi Barracks as they called out my name.

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The training started and I was working hard!

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But then… then I saw Serriah… my bane of my existence. She is such a bitch! She totally has to try to be better than me. She just kept bragging about her kicks and punches. I know she was talking about me too. She just kept going on and on… She doesn’t know when to just shut up! Ugh! I worked out so hard I made myself exhausted.

Then I found out that she got all the recognition, and she didn’t even do anything! Meanwhile I did all this hard work and proved I was up for any challenge, and she just sits there and just mooch on the other trainees and instructors. I know she is fucking them… there is no other way for her to keep getting all these recognition and her just do nothing to deserve them.. ugh! Fuck Serriah!

Anyway… that is all I have for today… Gunna go try and relax now.

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I am not just master’s slave any more…

Its been an amazing couple days.  My master and I click like I could have never imagined.  Everything about our relationship feels right.  Today my master summoned me to my home.  She brought me to the den where I sat obediently for her.  She was nervous, I could tell, but after reassuring me she would be there to always support me and to punish me, she presented me with a collar.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-03 18-10-43

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-03 18-13-11

She stood behind me and slipped it around my neck.  While she did, she poped the question: would I agree to be hers.  Her property.  Would I give myself up to her.  I was ecstatic and of course said yes!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-03 18-19-58

A collar is a symbol, much like a wedding ring.  It ties me to her, I can only wear one and it shows dedication and a promise.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-03 18-20-08
My collar

So I am not just master’s slave any more.  I am also her property.  She owns me like someone owns a pair of gloves.  My body is hers to do with as she wishes.  The milk I produce belongs to her.  Even my feelings of pleasure are hers.  She owns me and controls me now.  When she calls to me, I drop everything and rush to her side.  If she is in a bad mood and needs to let out anger, she will beat me, just because.  If she is horny she will rape me and make use of my body to pleasure herself then discard me when she is done with me.

She will tend to my wounds and make sure I am healthy.  She will feed me and ensure I get plenty of nutrition.  She will  protect me and defend me from those who wish to do me harm.

First Training Session

Master took me into a dungeon for my first training session in self control.  Before heading out she gave me a small insertable vibrator.  Upon entering the dungeon she turned it on low.  I was not to orgasm nor was I to let on to anyone else there, that something was amiss.  After each boss encounter my master turned it up to a higher setting.  I made it to the end of the dungeon with the vibrator inside my pussy on the highest setting.  Precum was running down my legs and I could barely stand!  Master watched as I struggled and strained to control my body.

Finally she let me cum.  I soaked my panties and my juices ran down my legs.  Master smiled as she watched my body shake with pleasure.  I passed my first training session!

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