With Great Power, Comes…

…Great Sexual Tension!

Oh my gods! Wow! What a rush!! Having this much power… it’s… it’s… exhilarating!

The sheer magnitude of this power is just simply amazing! I don’t know why I didn’t see if before! It is intense, a bit slow, but hits so hard! Mmmm…. soo hard. Ahem.. phew hehe. I am trying to maintain myself, but I might have to relieve myself one way or another.

I began to touch myself. I propped myself on the edge of my friends spa, it was so quiet in there, that the sound of touching myself was loud. I kept quiet as my wife and her master where in the other room sleeping. I yearned to climax and it did not take me long. The nights excitement got me very hot and bothered. My labia and flower yearned to be touched. I soon climaxed and came all over my hand. My flower could not stop from feeling the need to be touched. I ran my fingers up and down my labia, and felt my clit throbbing. I orgasmed again, my sexual tension was incredible. Never have I felt this sexually charged after battle. I mean this is insane. I lost count on my orgasms, I eventually got into the spa and began to calm down. The warm water was soothing and refreshing. Soon after I went to bed, relieved and calm. 

Speaking of hotness, check out my new clothing! Ugh! Just the colors alone I love! This plus the power… phew… calm down Psyiah… relax…

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 21-41-19
I love this purple color!



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