Any relationship has its ups, downs, sideways, and complications… The long journey of true friendship is like a road that has bends, sharp turns, bumps, and pot holes. But it is the bond of that keeps it together through the pot holes and bumps, it is the communication that maintains the base intact through the bends and sharp turns, and it is the love of friendship that will endure in the end maintaining the course to true friendship.

I noticed one of my friends having some issues in her life that she brought up during a dungeon run, and she felt bad as she was worrying she might have “ruined our fun”. I made sure I told her that is non-sense! She if my friend, and if she is in need, then I am there for her! No matter if we are in a dungeon. I can’t stand to see my crush– erm friend hurt like that. Friends understand when friends are in need of support. I mean, I broke down a day or so ago, and I kind of felt the same, that I might have ruined a certain evening, but I was reassured that I didn’t and if I was in need, there will be some that will come to my side. So I too will be at her side, supporting her and her decisions. Making sure she knows she is not alone, and those who care for her will be at her side.

This is what friends are for, that is what friends do: We support each other.



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