A Day With My Wife

What a day…

Today I was able to take off from work and stayed home. Boy, was it needed… last week was a roller coaster and this weekend was not any better. So many emotions… But Anni and I made a day of it today!

It started when I was getting back from my friends house. I stayed overnight with her. It was such a good night too! Anni was not home, so I took advantage and cleaned up the place a bit. I instructed two maids to make us a nice warm meal for brunch. Anni came home and I welcomed her. She told me about what happened with her master and the outcome. As her wife, I wasn’t going to lecture her, but give her love.

We went to the bath and talked about things as I washed her beautiful body.

Soon after finishing our sensual bath we headed up stairs for brunch. It was nicely served with all sorts of goodies. Scrambled eggs, sashimi, steak, noodles, and tea, along with other fresh fruits. I had a plan for entertainment as well… with our maids.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 13-12-28

I recently hired a new one, she is pretty and very sweet. She is an AuRa and I hired her for a reason. Upon reaching a decent part of the meal, I thought it would be best to commence the entertainment. The maids where to have sex in front of us! It was so hot, seeing them go at each other. I saw the kitten suck on the AuRa’s tail and it reminded me of Anni’s master… really hot. The two went at it and Anni and I fingered each other as we looked. Gods.. it worked out better than I imagine.  Eventually we all came and it was such a rush seeing two have sex in front of us for our entertainment. We soon cleaned up and headed down to a special place.

Where it all began….

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 16-03-12
The spot where my life changed forever…

I brought her here and reminded her where it all began. I showed her a shell I left on the sand about 1 year ago. And it still remains. I was actually surprised it was there and not in the ocean. I picked it up and showed her, as a gift, a token of my undying love for her. We enjoyed the night sky was so peaceful and all because Anni was here with me.

The Shell
The Shell

We sat for a bit and enjoyed each others company. It was nice to get away from it all and just enjoy each others presence.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 16-13-36
She is my world, my love, my everything♥

Soon after, when it became dark, Anni began to nurse on me. The sensation and feeling from this ritual that started last year is so sacred and loving. What started as an experiment turned into something that fills my heart of joy. Although I have shared my milk with someone else, the pure love I get from my wife’s nursing can’t compare. We laid on the grass enjoying the moment and love we both share for each other.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 18-04-55
Such beauty to behold♥

Anni and I talked a bit and she said some words that hit my heart… my very soul.

A week ago I sensed a great stress in your voice, there was something there speaking to me without words. It called my name, begging me to hold it and protect it. I suggested we spend the day together and as such we have. The voice has been silenced, it calls to me no longer. This brings me peace and comfort. My dearest Psyiah; as we explore our new sexually open lives with each other, I want you to remember this. Remember the day your soulmate heard your cry and came to your side. No hesitation, delay or question. Your soulmate heard your cry and suddenly the world around her was nothing but a noisy gong, lost in the back ground as she focused on your needs. No matter the paths we take or the friends we make, I will always be here listening, even when you speak no words.

These words gave me a large impact, the meaning behind it, the connection she has with me, the very fibers that make me who I am… and she gets me. This… this is how I know I have dedicated my life, to the person who is meant for me. Who I have chosen, by the paths and blessing of the gods, to be my wife. One could not ask for anyone better, loving and absolutely caring no matter what.

Thank you for this day Annimae Nalani, for I will never forget it. You are my wife, my partner, my lover, my addiction, my passion, my lust, my savior, my protectors, and my bacon!


-Your loving wife,
Psyiah Nalani, yours now, forever, and always.♥


2 thoughts on “A Day With My Wife”

  1. I meant every word of it my love. I love you with the very essence of my being. I will always be here for you, always listening even when there are no words. ♥


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