Tonight… tonight was not the best of nights. I ended up having to head back to the dojo and help the sensei out with some last minute things, RIGHT as I got home.
At least I had time to take a quick shower. Before heading back out. Anni came in and saw I was in the shower, she totally came in and jumped in for a bit.
Oh hi there! 💝



The shower felt so good! 😊
Aggravating to say they least. I headed out. Then… as it was already late in the day, my last task was to gather some special flowers for some medicine. As I did, the day wore on me and I sat down by a tree in the meadow. Then… I woke up with the sun down already!!
I had to rush home, and there was Anni worried sick for me. Ugh I feel so horrible! She made some dinner for us, and we didn’t even eat it. Needless-to-say… it was not a good night. We just cried, a lot.
We cried a lot, not because I came home late, but because I will be leaving
We ended up on bed… and I help Anni fall asleep.
I… I am going to miss her so much…

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