Great Night with my Wife!

What a great evening! After a long and difficult few weeks, was finally able to spend some good quality time with my wife! First, we went to go on hunts! Oh gods they are fun! So many and in such quick battles! Then I got to hang out with my wife at the Golden Saucer, gambling with my wife is always fun. They always seem to have the weirdest events… But they are fun!


I love her so much!!


I usually sit on her lap, but this time she sat on mine. She is so gorgeous!


 Next we went to the Palace of the Dead! That was fun! We got to fight and battle! It was fun!
I love how protective she is of me. 😌


Just being cute! 😉


We are so battle ready, and look hot! 😘 😄 ⚔
 Then we went back to hunts! Oh they are so much fun! And having Anni with me is beyond fun! I caught her looking at me!


Totally got a picture of her looking at me.😄


Doing some FATES with Anni. She is just the best! 😍
Then I got promoted in the Free Company – Stargazers! Leon was there and Qina’ra and Anni! It was such a surprise! We ended the day with snuggles in our bed. Such a fun time, memories like these make me happy. She told me how sad she was without me… We really got tested during these few weeks, but we managed it. We pushed on and made it! I love you Annimae, I love you so much. You are my love, my one and a only true love!

Fun With My Favorite Kitty!

Finally got to spend some quality time with my sweetheart!  She’s been so busy lately.  I’m proud of her for how hard she works, but its put the squeeze on how much time we’ve been able to spend together lately.

We started off with a couple quick hunts, then we went to the Golden Saucer to goof off.

Sneaking a kiss between hunts. ♥

Dancing for Psyiah!
Being sweet on each other, even in PotD!

Cuddling on the Rooftops

Being cute

Hunting A Rank Monsters

We did a few fates, hunting for crystals and Psyiah was promoted within the FC!
Cuddling and making-out before bedtime.

Thank you for tonight Psyiah.  I had a lot of fun my sweetheart.  I missed you dearly.

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