New Beach Lounge

My sweetheart is away on training. She’ll be gone for a few days and I’ll admit: its going to be hard. This isn’t the first time she’s had to leave for training but I think it will be the hardest to cope with. With each passing day we grow closer and closer. Our relationship is truly some sort of fairy tale. Our closeness makes it very hard on either of us to be away from the other. We told each other to be strong and we will get through it. Our relationship will become stronger for it.

I bought a beach lounge for the house and thought I’d try it out. I told Psyiah I would send her pics to help her get through her time away and to think of me.

Look hunny!  No tan lines!

It was such a nice warm day.  I love laying in the sun and this new beach lounge is just perfect!

I love you my goddess! ♥
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