Psyiah’s New Look

Oh My God Becky!  Look at her!

My heart is racing as I write this post.  Wow, OK so  Psyiah had a little makeover today, new hair and such and….wow, just wow!  She is so adorable!!


I can’t even….yea, I can’t write.  I mean just look at her!

We look amazing together!

Battle cats, ready for action!

I will love this kitten no matter what but when she does something like this its just…yea.  It makes my heart flutter and my loins tingle.  She is so sexy, I can’t stand it!

By the twelve she is stunning!

A Floating City

I took my wife up to the Floating City of Nym today.  The weather was perfect and the views of the floating islands was amazing!

I love her so much! 💖

Spending time with my wife is the highlight of my day. We both work, we both have chores to do, but the one thing I look forward to is time I spend with her. Our marriage so far has been amazing. She and I have a unique thing going on and its beautiful. I can not imagine my life without her. She is my whole world and makes my days bright.

We will have to spend some time apart, soon. She will be leaving for some intensive training. I won’t see her for a couple weeks. It doesn’t matter though, ur love is strong. It will endure our time apart and we will be stronger for it. I will be loyal to her and be waiting at the threshold of our home when she returns to me.

The vista is beautiful, but only because you are here to share it with.

Psyiah Nalani, we are one. No matter where the road takes you, I will be there with you.
-XOXO Anni

The Hunt!

So today…. oh what can I say about today, other than I had such a blast with my wife!! 
First, she showed me this beautiful place on a ledge. Fog set in a bit early, but it was nice until it came in.
Such a beautiful sight, I think Anni made it even better! 💖
Then we went back home to take a shower before setting off to start this “Hunting Party”. It was so much fun!! Oh gods, and seeing Anni fight again… I forgot how sexy she can fighting! Mmm… 
My first hunt! 😀
Then we took a break and headed to the Golden Saucer. It was fun! I missed this… I missed just going around and being ourselves. The dang dojo has me so busy now-a-days! 
I love making her laugh 💘
I decided to change up my look too! I found some things lying around and decided to get it! And the best part… Anni loves it! Gosh… she just could not stop complementing me! I.. gods I felt so special! Mmm… she really knows how to get me all ‘hot and bothered’. She knows me too well…
Gods we look so hot! But specifically her! 😍

We look so sexy and fierce!! 😎
We had a blast, hunting and killing monsters to be tagged on this “Wild Hunt”. It was indeed fun! Oh I missed this… I am glad we did this. I am so glad.  We ended up finishing up the day with cuddles. I just love my Annimae, I really do. Seeing her all happy tonight… I makes my day. I love seeing her all giddy and happy. 
I love her cuddles… her cuddles make everything bad go away 💖
I am so going to miss her so much…. I don’t want to go… 😢
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