Words can’t do the justice…

My dearest Annimae,

Where to begin… you are so special to me. As I sit here, in the dojo… I can’t stop thinking of you. To be honest, you are always in my mind. From the moment I met you, you were kind, smart, funny, and oh so gorgeous. Life is mean at times, but you always were there… by my side to see me through it. You went from an acquaintance to my best friend. And although we flirted here and there… I always had a crush on you.

You really are the best thing that happened to me. You make me happy when I am sad, you know how to always make me laugh, and you can always make me feel special. You know what I want, when I want, and you are always willing to try new things in and out of the bedroom. You spoil me, you truly make me feel like your goddess.

Annimae Nalani, marrying you has made me so happy. Being there for you when you need me, when you need love, when you just need to be reminded, that I won’t ever hurt you. That I will care for you, that I will love you, that I will please you… this is my goal in life, and the next.

I love you… I love you so much Annimae Nalani, now, forever, and always.

~Your wife, your best friend, your goddess…
                                    Psyiah Nalani

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