Chilling in the FC Tub & Aquapolis

I took a break from farming for Allagan Tomestones of Lore and relaxed in the free company’s tub for a bit.

Wish my lovely wife was here.  She comes home tomorrow!

Last night I hung out with some free company mates and went on some treasure hunts.  On one treasure hunt a portal to the Aquapolis opened up and we went inside.  We made our way down to the seventh level and found all kinds of good loot.

Treasures untold!

A Living Weapon?

While my sweetheart has been away, I’ve tried to keep my mind off her absence by busying myself with various things.  I’ve done a lot of hunting, fates…that kind of thing.  I’ve also been working on a weapon.  It seems as though my new weapon…well, it kind of has a life of its own.  The weapon I am working on has been imbued with aetherial conductivity allowing the anima inside to actually converse with me!  There is much more work to do but I’ve got a solid start on it.

Ardashir (left) and Gerolt (right) admiring their work on my weapon

The weapon takes on a new form

The anima within the weapon spoke to me!

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