The Feelings Within Pt. 1

Dear Diary,

This weekend was utter shit. Being dragged away to conduct training has been exhausting…

I just sit here so tired, but yet, why do I feel as if I have gone no where? Why do I feel as if my trip just had me going somewhere so far, but yet I feel it accomplished nothing…

It is like my whole world pauses and I feel like I am removed from my routine, my daily habits, my friends, and my wife. As if someone is writing a story, a book, and a whole chapter of that book is just not written. But the story continues and one could becomes lost upon reading again…

I do not like leaving as if I feel sick, lonely, lost, and confused. I don’t like this feeling, I don’t want someone to read this book and at the end, it does not make sense… As if the chapters don’t connect and the reader becomes lost.

I don’t want this story to be forgotten, to be discarded…

I am tired diary, I am tired and a bit scared…

I don’t like this feeling… My feelings within…

-A scared Psyiah

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