Second Training Session & A Dinner Date

Today has been an amazing day with my owner!

We traversed Bardam’s Mettle together as part of my bard training.  Unfortunately I had a very hard time concentrating and made lots of mistakes.  I was so frustrated with myself.  My owner was not impressed, she took me back home and scolded me then told me to strip naked.  Quietly she retrieved an anal plug and handed it to me, saying nothing.  I took it from her and bent over, slowly working it into my anus with no lube.  I cried a little due to the pain.  Then Sky whipped and beat me with her tail.  Smacking it across my ass and pussy.  She forced me to keep it in as a reminder of what happens when I am disobedient.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 15-00-51

Having satisfactorily endured my punishment, master presented me with a reward.  She took me to the spa where she shared some of her favorite wine with me.  It was very fruity, the reason it is her favorite.

We cuddled a little and enjoyed each other’s company.

Later that night she asked me if I would join her for a romantic dinner.  She appeared nervous as she asked, I’m not sure why, she’s my master.  She could have just ordered me to show up.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 18-55-35.png
Dressed for my date with master

She looked amazing! She let down her hair and did not wear her glasses.  She wore a long silky red dress and had makeup on.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 19-29-40.png
Master looked amazing!

We enjoyed a delicious meal together, the wait staff and chefs really out did themselves.  Master and I chatted about our favorite foods and traveling.  She seemed to open up to me a bit more than I have seen from her.

This was an evening I will not soon forget.  I saw a side of master I have not seen before.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 20-38-32
My owner and I on our date



Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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