You Have No Idea

Tonight we had some quiet time together.  While we chatted I looked into your eyes and I saw something.  It’s something that you can’t define.  You can’t look it up in a dictionary as it has no definition.  They only way to understand what it is I saw is to give examples.

What I saw gives itself to others with no expectation of anything in return.  It puts others before themselves.  It forgives and holds no grudges.  It is not boastful nor does it hold itself above others but instead it is humble and caring.  Tonight I saw love in your eyes.

Sure, its been there before.  I’ve seen it on multiple occasions but tonight was different.  Tonight I saw it and it hit me……it struck me just how much love you have for me.  Tonight was different because of how I reacted to your love.  I saw your love for me and I grabbed a hold of it.  Your love is a gift.  It is something that can be taken away or given to someone else.  I want you to know that I see it.  I look into your eyes and I know deep in my heart how you feel.  I can see your love for me and I am humbled to receive it.

Psyiah proposing to me.

Psyiah Nalani.  You are a treasure and a gift.  I know what I have been blessed with and I don’t take one ounce of it for granted.  You are a true part of me.  Thank you for all your love.

Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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