Sexy Pics and Anal Sex

Last night Psyiah and I set up a couple cameras and set out to take some sexy pictures together.  It didn’t take long and we were naked.  Before we knew it, I had on our favorite strap-on and was giving Psyiah a little “backdoor” action.

Skinny Dipping is Good for the Soul

Went skinny dipping with my hunny pie this evening.  The sky was clear and the air and water were both warm.  It was a perfect evening.

She likes to nibble on my nipples.  Such a tease!

He he, I shaved today! =p

Her kisses on my tender breasts feel so good.

Psyiah gently nursed on my full breasts.  She is always so delicate but the feeling is amazing.  Often times I can feel the milk flowing through my hard, erect nipples.  It tingles a little.  The feeling turns me on in an amazing way.

After much teasing of my pussy and pinching of my nipples (yea, I’m a sucker for a mix of pleasure and pain), Psy went down on me.  She teased me until I didn’t think I could stand it any longer, then she let me cum.

My body shuddered with pleasure.  My loins contracted.  My lover drank my juices.

Skinny Dipping!

Nothing warms the soul like tearing off your bikinis and going
skinny dipping with the love of your life.

Quick Nap

My wife and I decided to take a quick nap before we head out for our evening adventures.  I think we may do some role playing at the cabin we found.  Stay tuned for that adventure!

When we were done napping, I nursed on her, while she slept then woke her with gentle kisses.  Quiet, intimate times like this are the best.

Psyiah’s Life Blood

The love I have for my wife comes in may different flavors.  We show our dedication to each other in many different ways.  This evening was no exception.  Below I rewrote the events for your enjoyment.  I love my wife more than words can describe, but this comes close.  Psyiah had just returned home from a long day on the ship and I was preparing a bath for her…

 💕     💕     💕

Annimae Nalani carefully tests the water with her toes, while cupping her breasts.  The bath she has prepared for her wife is ready.

“Mmm, perfect for my princess,” she comments to herself.  Anni’s tail gently sways, indicating her happiness.  Anni does not hear Psyiah enter the room and is surprised when she notices Psy standing beside her.

“Oh, hello kitten! The bath is all ready for you.” Psyiah smiles at the sight of Anni and the bath running. 

“Thanks baby.” Psy climbs in the bath and begins to undress. She turns away from Anni and undoes her bikini top. She looks over her shoulder at Anni and smiles. She tosses her top aside. She then beings to pull down her bottoms and she bends over in front of Anni. She pulls her bottoms down slowly, revealing her butt and her pussy. As she pulls down, it could be seen that Psyiah’s pussy has a string of fluid connecting to the bottoms. Her pussy seems to glisten, indicating she is already wet. She stands and walks into the shower wiggling her butt at Anni. She lets the water coat her. Annimae bites her bottom lip while watching Psyiah undress.  The sight of Psyiah’s wetness gets her heart racing, her nipples become hard.  Anni pulls off her skirt and slips into the bath.  Anni approaches Psyiah from behind and slides her arms around Psyiah’s slender waist.  Psyiah  leans her head back onto Anni, but her lust could no longer be contained. She quickly turns around and begins to make out with her wife passionately. 

“I missed you.”, she whispers, as she kisses her wife deeply. Her hands do not sit still and they explore Anni’s body in a passionate way. Anni lowers her hands to Psyiah’s butt cheeks and pulls her in, returning her passionate kiss.  

“I missed you too hun….”  Anni returns to kissing her wife after a very brief acknowledgement.  Anni lets her tongue dance with Psyiah’s.  Her ears flick about. Psyiah’s tongue dances with Anni’s and she moans in delight as she feels Anni’s hand on her butt cheek. She returns the gesture by squeezing her butt as well. Her tail, although wet, sways in happiness. Her ears twitch in delight.  Annimae moves her kisses to Psyiah’s neck.  Anni’s heart is racing.  With her lips, Anni can feel the vein in Psyiah’s neck pulsing.  Anni selects a soft spot and kisses it before sealing her lips on it.  Anni begins to suck on Psyiah’s neck. Psyiah moans and gasps with her mouth open. She moves her hands up to Anni’s upper back. She tilts her head to allow Anni full exposure of her neck. She presses herself up against Anni chest. She could feel Anni’s hard nipples and breasts pressed up against hers.  Anni continues giving Psyiah a hickey.  Her fangs slowly let down and begin to press on Psyiah’s skin.  One of Anni’s hands runs up the back of Psyiah’s head, Anni gently pulls her closer. Psyiah leans in and follows Anni’s motion. Her lips reach Anni’s neck and she too begins to kiss and finding a soft spot to give her a hickey in return.  She continues to moan.  Anni bites down gently, letting her fangs pierce Psyiah’s skin.  Instantly Anni can taste blood.  She swallows.  Gently and slowly Anni drinks Psyiah’s life essence.  Her eyes remain closed as she feels her soul becoming even closer to Psyiah’s.  Psyiah’s blood is warm as Anni swallows it, leaving Anni feeling satisfied. Psyiah lets go of Anni’s neck and winces. She gasps and moans. Her hands reach up to Anni’s head and she pulls her in closer. She begins to pant in pleasure. She feels the blood running from her neck. “Oh Anni..” she moans quietly. Annimae pauses, enjoying the moment.  Then begins to swallow again.  She doesn’t drink much, but its not the volume that matters.  Its how Anni is doing it.  She is slow and gentle indicating her love and care for her kitten, but Anni is also firm, indicating her dedication and passion.  Anni swallows once more and her fangs retract.  Anni holds her tongue over the wound, until the bleeding stops.

“I love you Psyiah Nalani.”

💕     💕     💕
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