Felt Super Naughty!

Oh my…. Anni in those cute booty shorts! I could NOT stop staring at her butt! Gods… she is soo hot! I totally took sneaky pictures of her! Gods… 😍
Mmmm! Just look at that butt! 🍑
 I could not stop taking pictures of her and those cute shorts! Gods she is so sexy!!
Being sneaky, I wonder if she noticed…
Oh gods… just look how round her butt is!

Even in her Dragoon armor!

Later that evening… just felt even more naughty!! 
Gods, I love her so much!
You are the one that I love!
She might claim not to be perfect, or might think she has flaws…. but all of that does not matter, because she is perfect for me! I love you Annimae!💓
~Psy 💋

Hyperconductive Deneb

Ok, so I couldn’t help myself.  Today I obtained the Hyperconductive Deneb!  It’s so beautiful, I just had to take a bunch of pictures with it!  The Anima inside is alive and makes the weapon glow with a radiance I’ve never seen before.  I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Adventures with my Wife

I took some random pictures of my wife and I going on adventures! The world is just a better place with her at my side. She is truly my best friend. 💖


Although the Calamity has taken a toll on this world, it truly has fought for its beauty.


Just me giving a kiss to my better half 😘💋


Whoops, you can see my panties! 😉😊

Life with you at my side really makes everything better. I am grateful everyday for having you at my side. I love you Annimea Nalani!


Kitty Waiting

My sweetheart is at Maelstrom headquarters tonight.  She had to attend a special training session of some sort. She believes it’s in preparation for a promotion she may be receiving.  It was a quiet night for me.  I visited the Golden Saucer for a bit and went on some hunts.  Now I’m at home keeping the bed warm.  I expect my sweetheart home soon.  I’m so very proud of her!

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