Naked Fun!

My sweetheart has to go away for training again this weekend.  It’s never easy when Psy goes away but we always get through it.  Tonight we got a little adventurous and entered the Palace of the Dead topless!  Ugh…she’s such a naughty kitten….

After spending quite a bit of time in the palace, we headed home to wash up and cuddle.  Psyiah is always so gentle with me.  She truly loves me and loves my body.  The way she washes me and cares for me is amazing.

Gods…Psyiah got me all excited.  First she started sucking on my nipples then she went down on me.  Fuck, sex with her is amazing.  The feeling of her tongue on my pussy is simply heavenly.

Oh Psyiah…the things you do to my body….

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