Guess who is in town!  The Songbirds!  Oh my god, I could just die! So, its Little Ladies Day in Eorzia and the preteen pop group The Songbirds are in town to celebrate!

The Songbirds!

 Not only did I get to meet them, but I actually was called upon to help them out.  You see, they had ventured out to see the sights and take care of some things but lost track of time.  I was called upon to track them down and get them back to the festival.

I was even asked to select who would be the one to take center stage!  What an honor. I totally picked Masha Mhakaracca, she’s so adorable!  And she delivered, with her amazing dancing, big time.  She even taught me their token dance!

My songbird and I

I had so much fun hanging out with Psyiah today.  I look forward to doing things like this with Psyiah very much.  Just getting out there in the community and helping out and enjoying everything Eorzia has to offer makes life so much more fun and with Psyiah at my side everything is sure to be an adventure!  Happy Little Ladies Day everyone!


The Maelstorm!
Finally was promoted!! So excited! I reached the rank of Storm Private Second Class! It was such a surprise, as I was assigned to one of the privateers, the Black Sails! So exciting! 
Private Second Class
I start soon with the Black Sails, and looking forward to the excitement ahead!
Motivational Poster
Standard Cloak from the Black Sails
They allow us to wear what we want! I feel so free, and sexy in this armor!
Looking forward on the adventures to come!
Anni and me, feeling sexy and twinning! Gods we look so hot!
~Psy 💋
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