A Morning with Owner

Last Saturday I spent the morning with my owner…

Anni rolls over and snuggles up to her owner.

Master kisses Anni as she rolls over.

Anni blinks and yawns, “Good morning master.”

Master: “Morning kitty. Sleep well?”

“Mmhmm, I did. You?”

“Yes. It was strange waking up in my house next to you, but in a good way.”

Anni giggles. “Has master owned a pet before?”

“Nope. Your master has been very by the books, work, oath, and well-being of others first. Master has not had really any time to do what she wants.”

“Is master happy?”, Anni replies.

“Not sure master can express how happy you make her.”

Anni blushes and gives her master a kiss.

Master kisses back passionately. “You are the only one to see my nightie.”

Anni blinks and smiles. “Kitten feels very special to be able to be intimate with her master.”

“I am not just a paladin at work or when saving the world I am also a paladin personally. I have my armor and shield up most of the time, you somehow found a way under it .” Anni’s master smiles warmly at Anni.

Anni rubs noses with her master.

Her master giggles and wraps Anni up tight.

Anni slips out of her undies and top. Not to be sexy but to get “closer” to her owner and bask in her warmth

“I don’t have to work today, so if kitty does not mind, I would like a little more sleepy time.” Master holds Anni close, her nakedness feels how warm her master’s body is.

Anni nods and snuggles in close, closing her eyes.

Just under an hour later, Anni slips out of bed quietly. She gathers up her things and smiles over at her sleeping owner. She whispers under her breath, “You are very good for kitten.” Anni leaves the bedroom and enters the next room. Anni slips back into her panties and tucks her bra into her duffle bag. She pulls on her mog slippers and heads to the kitchen. Once there she prepares breakfast for her owner. She isn’t sure, yet, what her owner’s favorite foods are. She prepares a little of everything just to be sure. First, she prepares a small fruit salad: mog berries, bananas from Mist, apples, red berries from the plains outside of Limsa. She covers the bowl and sets it aside. Anni finds some bacon in the fridge and fries it up. She places hot slices between paper towels on a plate. She cracks a couple fresh eggs and scrambles them up, adds a little of her milk to make them nice and fluffy and when they are nearly done, she crumbles a couple pieces of bacon onto them. A little salt and pepper later and she slips the eggs onto the plate next to the bacon. Toast is done now, Anni tops it with butter, then sprinkles on a mix of cinnamon and sugar. Two slices join the eggs and bacon. Anni pours a cup of coffee adding a little sugar and some of her own breast milk. She snaps on a lid so there will be no spills. She locates a dinner tray and arranges everything on it. She pours a glass of juice and pulls a flower from a nearby vase. Anni smiles at her handy work. “I love my master and owner.” She says to herself. Anni quietly returns to the bedroom and places the tray and prepared breakfast on the nightstand. She bends over and gives her owner a soft kiss on her forehead before obediently sitting down on her knees on the floor.

Master stretches and yawns, she sits up. You can see her nose wiggling as she smells the food, her sleepy eyes make contact with you, but she still can’t see very well. “Anni is that you? And do I smell food?”

Anni nods. “Mmhmm Kitten made mommy breakfast.”

Master giggles. “mommy?” She shifts over to the tray see a feast before her. There is no way she could eat it all. She pats the bed next to her, “I’m not earring alone right?

Anni crawls up onto the bed, purring. She gives her master’s cheek a lick.

Master sees the toast and goes there first. She loves cinnamon and sugar. She bites in and smiles. Before she finishes the slice, she turns to Anni and holds it to her mouth “open wide kitty”

Anni opens her mouth and takes a bite.

Master digs into the rest of the food. Eggs, bacon, juice and coffee, sharing every bit of it with her kitty, the whole time she wonders what she had to have done in a past life to be able to be so happy right now. She gets to her fruit last as she love fruit the most. Most black dragons are meat eaters but not her. “Anni this was wonderful you out did yourself. Master is very very pleased!”

Anni wags her tail happily. “Kitten is happy to serve, in more ways than one.”

Master brushes Anni’s cheek with the back of her hand, staring into her eyes. She then cups her cheek with the same hand and pulls her in and kisses her passionately, without saying a word all of her emotions are transferred to Anni threw this moment.

Anni’s ears drop back onto her head as her lips meet her owner’s. Anni’s senses can feel the emotions powering owner’s kiss. There is a delicate, quiet purr in Anni’s throat. She thinks about her owner providing for her: the punishments, the pats and most of all, the obedience training. She feels safe and loved in her master’s presence.

Master finally pulls back smiling and licking her lips, she giggles “mmm still taste fruity.”

Anni giggles and resumes her normal sitting position, she pops in one last piece of fruit. She folds her hands in her lap, her arms bring her breasts together and accentuate her cleavage, unintentionally. She smiles at her owner ready to serve her any way she is needed.

Master winks at Anni as she lays with her tummy on the bed, she turns to Anni and says “Kitty come and make your master cum.” She lifts her tail up so Anni can see her ass in her tiny panties.

Anni perks up. She moves the dinner tray out of the way and kneels beside her master. Anni smiles as she gazes upon master’s long slender torso and her round firm ass cheeks. Anni runs her finger tips down her back to her ass. Master’s panties are tiny and already show most of her cheeks. Anni pinches the cloth and slips it between master’s cheeks, it nearly disappears. Anni runs her hands over Master’s muscular ass, her tail wagging.

“Mmmmmm” Master moans so softly as her kitty plays with her ass. “Kitty made master this way this morning.”

Anni runs one hand down over master’s mound. The elastic around the leg openings runs to either side of master’s labia. Anni’s fingers run over this spot causing master’s pussy to bulge a little. Anni’s hands work slowly and sensually.

Master wiggled under Anni’s touch, her thick tail now flipped up and resting on her back, she can feel herself getting wetter. Her mind goes back to last night. Masturbating for her kitty was so hot it has turned her on again

Anni massages the bulging mound through master’s panties. She can feel master’s warmth. Anni places her other hand on the small of master’s back while her right hand gently rubs. Anni guides her fingers to where master’s clit would be tucked away and teases the area for a moment only to return to massaging.

Master squeaks a little as Anni’s hand finds her clit, her clit throbbing, her pussy wanting her kitty even more.

Anni massages master’s mound a bit more, she notices a small wet spot beginning to form. Her fingers once more hunt for master’s clit, hoping to coax it from hiding beneath its hood. She returns to massaging master’s mound, smiling.

“Oh gods Anni.” The wet spot gets even larger as Anni massages. Anni can tell by the way master moves, just what she wants.

Anni parts her ring and index fingers and runs each down either side of master’s bulging and now wet mound. Anni squeezes the labia together as her fingers rub up and down. Anni’s middle finger rests on top of master’s pinched together labia. With each stroke, the tip of Anni’s middle finger grazes master’s clit.

“Kitty,” master moans “is this exciting kitty?”

“shh shh shh” Anni boldly shushes her master. “Mmhmm but it’s about master right now….” Anni smiles as she slides her fingers down over master’s wet mound until her middle finger finds master’s clit. Anni holds her hand there, cupping master’s mound, and begins to rub master’s hardening clit through her panties.

Master obeys, smiling as her kitty takes over. She closes her eyes thinking how much he liked being told what to do just now.

Anni presses down a little more on Master’s clit. She rubs it up and down, side to side, and in circles. She is gentle yet firm. She pays close attention to Master’s body language.

Precum starts to flow out of master’s pussy lips. Her flower’s muscles throbbing and aching.

There is enough precum soaking through master’s panties that is now coats Anni’s fingers. Anni finally grips the sides of master’s panties and pulls them down to her knees. She places her hands back where they were continuing her massaging but now on master’s naked pussy.

Master let’s out a loud moan, as you see her squirt a small amount, the touch of her kitty on her naked flower makes her shiver with pleasure.

Anni smirks as a little bit of master’s fluids squirt from between her lips and run down over them, over master’s clit and drip onto the bed sheets. The precum clings to Anni’s fingers, she takes the opportunity to suck it off her own fingers. Anni returns to rubbing, gently. Her ring and index fingers still pinch master’s labia together but now Anni’s middle finger slips between the wet lips hunting for master’s sweet opening.

Master wiggles her hips as if to help in your search. Master bites the pillow as she knows what’s coming next.

Anni’s fingertip finds a soft spot which resists little under pressure. Anni curls her middle finger and slips it into master’s pussy. With her finger in a hook shape, Anni begins to rub the back wall of master’s vagina. Anni’s finger slides in and out with no resistance, master’s precum provides the perfect lubricant.

Master, moaning as she still bites the pillow, arches herself, giving herself to her kitty. You can feel her walls tighten around your finger each time your finger goes in.

Anni withdraws her finger from Master’s tight pussy, completely removes her panties and nudges master’s legs apart. Anni looks down at Master’s pussy, precum is almost continually running from her and soaking into the bedsheets. Anni’s hands go right back to where they were. Anni’s tail comes around and begins to move over Master’s bare back.

Master squeals. From under the pillow, muffled, she says “Kitty, Master can’t handle much more.” Anni can hear her heavy breathing as she has been trying to hold herself back. Master has never been like that. Usually she cums so easy. As she is enjoying her kitty so much right now, she does not want this to stop.

Anni strokes master’s bare back with her tail. Anni’s fingers slip over her mound. Anni slips her middle finger and index fingers into master. She moves them in and out and when in, the moves them in slight circles. She pulls them out so they may slide over master’s clit, pinching it between them, then Anni slips them back inside. Over and over Anni continues pleasing master in this manner.

“Oh gods, Anni please just keep that up.” Master moans loud “oh Anni! Master’s pussy is yours, fuck it!” Her inner muscles clench your fingers tight as you feel a large amount of warm cum on your hand, master bites down hard trying not to make much noise, instead makes her voice and moan sound very cute/sexy.

Anni rubs master’s pussy faster and harder. Her fingers glide over her clit and massage it in circles. She pinches it and gives it a little twist before returning her fingers to master’s warm pussy. Anni burys her fingers in deep and now slides them in and out quickly, fucking master’s pussy with them.

Master’s orgasm continues, makes even more of a mess, you can feel her contact over and over and also feel her loose muscle control for the rest of her body. Master seems very limp. Panting, moaning, loving her kitty as she lays helpless.

Anni smiles as she feels master’s fluids move past her fingers and as she watches master’s cum ooze from her pussy, run over her own clit and drip onto the bed. Refusing to believe master can only orgasm once, Anni grabs master by the hips and lifts her ass into the air so master is now on her knees, face still in the pillow. Anni gets between Master’s legs and puts her mouth to master’s oozing pussy.

Master gasps “Anni, oh gods that feels too good.” She says weakly, she does not even try and fight. She lays there purring, moaning Anni’s name.

Anni’s tongue slides over her clit and begins to lick it. Anni’s mouth fills with master’s cum as she orgasms and Anni swallows it all. The cum oozes out slowly, Anni coats her tongue with it, rubs it over Master’s clit, then swallows.

Master shakes and feels something she has never felt before. She has always passed out after one orgasm but she feels her clit throbbing and her inner walls pulsing. “Fuck fuck fuck!” Master can’t control this feeling sweeping inside her.

Anni’s hands gently rub her master’s ass cheeks while she licks and teases her clit. Anni moans and swallows the last of her master’s cum. She can feel master shiver so she keeps going, her focus is on giving her master maximum pleasure.

“I’M CUMMING!” Master can’t even control her voice as she yells, louder than you have ever heard her do before. Cum flows like a waterfall from her pussy, covering everything in the way as it puddles and spreads on the sheets.

Anni’s face is sprayed with her master’s juices. She leans in with her open mouth and catches what she can. Anni sucks and slurps on her master’s pussy.

Master finally collapses on the bed, breathing heaving and panting, she even has small rips in the pillow she has been biting, she musters energy to look over at Anni and smiles “No one has ever done that to me before…” Anni can barely hear her as she speaks.

Anni smirks as cum drips from her chin. “rawr!” Anni exclaims as she crawls up next to her master. Anni kisses her and smiles. “Good morning master, has kitten served you good this morning?”

“Yes kitten, you have, but now you are covered in…” she pauses and turns red “my cum.” She kisses Anni licking her lips and cheeks, getting what she can of her own honey off Anni’s face.

Anni purrs as her master cleans her up. Her tail flips on the bed, an indication of how happy she is.

Master holds Anni close, “let’s just stay this way for a bit longer before we get up.”

Anni nods and cuddles with her master. Obeying orders only of course.

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Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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