My Favorite Girls!

Spent some time with my two favorite girls today: my wife and my master.  We goofed off outside and kept daring each other to take off our tops. Lol silly girls.

As we warmed up to each other.  We decided to go inside. We were already pretty hot and bothered and once inside, clothes came off quickly.  Soon my master was licking my wife’s pussy and I was nursing on my wife.  Psyiah craved having both of our mouths on her so I obliged and knelt down next to my master as we proceed to lick Psyiah and make her cum.

We showered up, snapped a selfie and called it a night.  Oh and I spent my first night at my master’s house!  When Psyiah’s master got home, Psyiah reported to her leaving me to be alone.  My master invited me to her place where I had a wonderful night’s rest.

That’s all for now, have a great night everyone!

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