Being Owned: A Special Someone

Okay, wait a minute… no I am not having issues with Annimae… actually the complete opposite. My love has grown for her so much, it feels as if nothing can break it. With that it comes to be a new chapter in our lives. She gained a new special someone, and you can read about her post here, and so have I.

I will not be addressing her by her name, but rather only by who she is to me… my Master.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Master?!” Yup, I am officially owned by another person, but rest assured, I am still married to Annimae and I am still deeply in love with her. My ‘Master’ recently expressed her feeling to me and wanted to own me. It was after a trial, (which I can go into detail  later) that I fully accepted and was collared by her.

Well that is all for now, but stay tuned as I will be making more posts to catch up on the exciting times that have passed in these few days.


One thought on “Being Owned: A Special Someone”

  1. I am so happy for you sweetie! I think about your master making love to you and tasting you and it makes me hot and want to join in! Be obedient and obey her and I’m sure she will take care of you.

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