My first job….

I have decided to promote myself and try being a sell sword, and finally got a job. Someone wants to hire me to bully a certain individual, to ensure they can be left alone. To scare someone… Easy enough, but so far this person is hard to find. Been looking everywhere and tried to find this person, or leads. So far… nothing…
Spoke with the client
They both wanted this person stopped
I think she saw me eavesdropping, possible lead
I think she said it was around here
So many people… seems I can’t even find this one person…
I will continue my search later…
xoxo 💋 

Strange Potions and Bigger Boobs

It started off as a regular evening at the end of the week: we were drinking and in our bikinis.  The ending however?  Unlike anything we had ever experienced!

We were chilling out, in our tub talking about a strange vase. Psyiah had picked it up in the market a few months back.



We discovered there was a liquid inside.  “Should we try it?” we pondered…
There was an inscription on the bottle: “Sun or moon; it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”


After a few moogleberry martinis, we started to get a little silly.


A nice photo of my wife’s boob, because they are awesome!


We had a bit more alcohol, talked about the vase.  After a game of tablet, parchment, shears, it was determined that Psyiah would smell it.  Psyiah took a whiff. “Oh! It’s um, sweet!” She was surprised.  Naturally, having taken the first smell, she made me take the first sip.


It tasted just like it smelled.  It was sweet and fruity.



It made me feel dizzy.


We both staggered about and had a hard time standing.



We both blacked out and collapsed onto the floor.


We woke up a couple hours later, a little disorientated.
Our bodies ached, but other than that we felt fine.


We were a worried at first.  We looked different!




We examined each other.  Our eyes had different pupil shapes.  Our canine teeth were much sharper and larger.  Our skin tones and markings had changed.  Also, it may sound strange, but our boobs felt bigger too!


We had transformed into cute little moon kitties!

An Innocent Little Photoshoot…

So I got an outfit that really turned out cute… and what better way to showcase it than with a cute little photoshoot in our private roleplay library!
I wondered into a library… but I think it was the wrong one!
So lost!
This… this is not right…


I think I walked into the wrong library!!
Someone blindfolded me!
And restrained my hands…
I got blindfolded and tied up!!
They ripped off my top!! Teasing me…
Oh gods… I am feeling so vulnerable… and yet it feels… so right..
And my clothes where stripped down!! I feel… so vulnerable…
They ripped off my skirt! The sensation.. has me all wet…
Sitting here naked… waiting for my next command…
In the silence… waiting… wanting…
Wanting more…
xoxo 💋

Skinny Dipping is Good for the Soul

Went skinny dipping with my hunny pie this evening.  The sky was clear and the air and water were both warm.  It was a perfect evening.

She likes to nibble on my nipples.  Such a tease!

He he, I shaved today! =p

Her kisses on my tender breasts feel so good.

Psyiah gently nursed on my full breasts.  She is always so delicate but the feeling is amazing.  Often times I can feel the milk flowing through my hard, erect nipples.  It tingles a little.  The feeling turns me on in an amazing way.

After much teasing of my pussy and pinching of my nipples (yea, I’m a sucker for a mix of pleasure and pain), Psy went down on me.  She teased me until I didn’t think I could stand it any longer, then she let me cum.

My body shuddered with pleasure.  My loins contracted.  My lover drank my juices.


While Psyiah was at work today, I went down into the tunnels and pretended I was captured and tied up.  I sent Psy the pics to tease her.  Future role-playing location?  I think so!

⛓  ⛓  ⛓  ⛓  ⛓

First I was stripped down to my undies and blindfolded!


A scared and frightened kitty:


The female guard took my top off!


Eventually she cut the straps on my panties and removed them too!


She stood me up and inspected my body.  She said my body would fetch a high price.
What did she mean?!


She bound my wrists to a crate and looked me over.  She made me flex by tush then she slapped it.


She squeezed my breasts and commented on how firm they were.


My captor ran her hands over my hips and abs checking for muscle tone.


She strung me up, and spread my legs.  I was so afraid!



 She ran her fingers over my thighs and inspected my private parts.


She told me, because I was so pretty and well groomed I would be worth more!


After she inspected my body she went away.  She said it was to put a final price on my body.  I was able to wiggle loose from my restraints and ran off.


Someone rescue me!

⛓  ⛓  ⛓  ⛓  ⛓

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