Sexy Pics and Anal Sex

Last night Psyiah and I set up a couple cameras and set out to take some sexy pictures together.  It didn’t take long and we were naked.  Before we knew it, I had on our favorite strap-on and was giving Psyiah a little “backdoor” action.

Skinny Dipping is Good for the Soul

Went skinny dipping with my hunny pie this evening.  The sky was clear and the air and water were both warm.  It was a perfect evening.

She likes to nibble on my nipples.  Such a tease!

He he, I shaved today! =p

Her kisses on my tender breasts feel so good.

Psyiah gently nursed on my full breasts.  She is always so delicate but the feeling is amazing.  Often times I can feel the milk flowing through my hard, erect nipples.  It tingles a little.  The feeling turns me on in an amazing way.

After much teasing of my pussy and pinching of my nipples (yea, I’m a sucker for a mix of pleasure and pain), Psy went down on me.  She teased me until I didn’t think I could stand it any longer, then she let me cum.

My body shuddered with pleasure.  My loins contracted.  My lover drank my juices.

Made it Rain at the Golden Saucer

So, my kitty is still away at training.  She’s been checking in with me and is pretty miserable.  It’s been raining a lot and the leadership is really unorganized.  I decided to be really naughty and take pictures to cheer her up!  Here is a set of me at the Golden Saucer last night.  I found a couple hiding spots and….well, I pleasured myself and caused some mischief!

💕   💕   💕

💕 This is where I came on the floor. Oh gods….I made such a mess! 💕

💕 Wish my kitty was here to take me from behind…. 💕

💕 My body.  It’s for your pleasure Psyiah and only your pleasure!  Well…..mine too 😉 💕

This kiss is for you Psyiah!  Hurry home to me!

Anyone keeping score?  What would you rate my body? 🏆

I got really brave!  I ran out into the middle of the room,
completely naked, and did a little dance! 💃
💕   💕   💕

Skinny Dipping!

Nothing warms the soul like tearing off your bikinis and going
skinny dipping with the love of your life.

Role Playing: Caught in a Cabin

Psyiah and I LOVE to role play.  We have found some really fun places to stage stories and role play them out.  For this one, we found a cabin.

We pretended that I was a botanist who was caught in a rain storm.  I went inside a nearby cabin to dry off.  I had stripped down to only my undergarments. Suddenly the cabin owner (played my Psyiah of course), very angry about something, came home.  She didn’t see me at first.

With her back turned to me, I snuck over to a ladder and hid in the loft.

When she began to climb into the loft, thinking she heard something, I hid in the corner.

She found me and I panicked!

Finding a stranger in her cabin made her even more angry!  She thought I was a thief!

Soon she overpowered me and stripped me of my top.

She pushed me down onto a nearby bureau.

Then she bound me with magical restraints, I was unable to fight back.

 I pretended to beg and plead, asking to be let go….but she had other plans….
vile plans, and they involved my body.

Soon, she stripped off my panties, leaving me completely naked.

 She got naked herself, put on a dildo and took me from behind, punishing my pussy.  The tip of the dildo would slam into my cervix causing me to yelp in pain.

My punishment went on from there and into the night.  It was a lot of fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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