An Innocent Little Photoshoot…

So I got an outfit that really turned out cute… and what better way to showcase it than with a cute little photoshoot in our private roleplay library!
I wondered into a library… but I think it was the wrong one!
So lost!
This… this is not right…


I think I walked into the wrong library!!
Someone blindfolded me!
And restrained my hands…
I got blindfolded and tied up!!
They ripped off my top!! Teasing me…
Oh gods… I am feeling so vulnerable… and yet it feels… so right..
And my clothes where stripped down!! I feel… so vulnerable…
They ripped off my skirt! The sensation.. has me all wet…
Sitting here naked… waiting for my next command…
In the silence… waiting… wanting…
Wanting more…
xoxo 💋

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  1. Oh gods baby! You are so naughty. I love it! he he That is a cute little outfit for roleplaying. Speaking of which, we should make some time for that this week.


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