New Job: Training Day

Today was… well I will let you decide on it….

I woke up earlier than usual due to it being training day. My breasts felt very sensitive today. My nipples especially. I was moving so slow this morning, and I even made a racket crawling out of bed. I hit my dildo off of the night stand and I think I might have woken up my wife.

I had enough time to mail out a special package to my master before leaving. I hope she likes it!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 19-17-30

Time was just moving so slow for me. I was almost late for roll call. Luckily I got to the back of our gathering at Sekiseigumi Barracks as they called out my name.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 19-07-37ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 19-08-39

The training started and I was working hard!

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But then… then I saw Serriah… my bane of my existence. She is such a bitch! She totally has to try to be better than me. She just kept bragging about her kicks and punches. I know she was talking about me too. She just kept going on and on… She doesn’t know when to just shut up! Ugh! I worked out so hard I made myself exhausted.

Then I found out that she got all the recognition, and she didn’t even do anything! Meanwhile I did all this hard work and proved I was up for any challenge, and she just sits there and just mooch on the other trainees and instructors. I know she is fucking them… there is no other way for her to keep getting all these recognition and her just do nothing to deserve them.. ugh! Fuck Serriah!

Anyway… that is all I have for today… Gunna go try and relax now.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 18-58-40


New Job: Night Shift

So far three days on the shift work and I am starting to see that it is harder than what I would have thought it would was. But it is so worth it. I have met so many interesting people and have helped a lot of the locals and vendors. Training seems to be independent, so I have to keep up with it.

I was put on an extra shift tonight and I ended up seeing the busy night life of Kugane. I was told to wear my jingasa while at night. I met so many interesting vendors but was forced to chase down a thief. I was unable to find him, but I was able to get a good look of them. I went back and reported what I found and hope they capture him. By dawn it was time to head home.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-04 20-34-02
The nightlife of Kugane
ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-04 20-35-12
Talking to some of the vendors to pass the time.
ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-04 20-43-31
Cursing out the Gar-losers!
ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-04 20-43-56
Them and their fancy gated castle! Hmph!

I passed by the main castle of the Gar-losers, and shouted at them. They ignored me but I made my case. Eventually I got bored and went back to check in for the end of my shift.

Another day in Kugane awaits me tomorrow, and I am eager for the challenge and the new day.

~Psyiah Nalani♥

New Job: Kugane Post

I got a new job offer for a few months; Guard Post. It is something simple and was gained through the gossip from the streets of Ul’dah. Being a sell-sword for the Flame has it’s advantages. I can always change contracts if they do not suit me well.

The post is nice and it is for a good cause: guarding a local school. Recently threats towards the locals have grown certain concerns. So, my job is simple: watch over the kids during certain times.

I tend to start training with the local guards, then usually walk around and ensure the locals have not seen or heard anything, then just go on watch.

ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-31 12-16-20
Talking with the locals
ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-31 12-18-31
Training with the guard
ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-31 12-18-31
Trying to be competitive
ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-31 12-19-40
Passed my training!
ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-31 12-22-38
Guard duty can be boring at times.. and lonesome.
ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-31 12-23-43
If I don’t walk around, I might fall asleep!
ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-31 12-25-08
Keeping a watchful eye
ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-31 12-25-43
The future of the city

Every little bit helps to do what I can.


~Psyiah Nalani♥



While Psyiah was at work today, I went down into the tunnels and pretended I was captured and tied up.  I sent Psy the pics to tease her.  Future role-playing location?  I think so!

⛓  ⛓  ⛓  ⛓  ⛓

First I was stripped down to my undies and blindfolded!


A scared and frightened kitty:


The female guard took my top off!


Eventually she cut the straps on my panties and removed them too!


She stood me up and inspected my body.  She said my body would fetch a high price.
What did she mean?!


She bound my wrists to a crate and looked me over.  She made me flex by tush then she slapped it.


She squeezed my breasts and commented on how firm they were.


My captor ran her hands over my hips and abs checking for muscle tone.


She strung me up, and spread my legs.  I was so afraid!



 She ran her fingers over my thighs and inspected my private parts.


She told me, because I was so pretty and well groomed I would be worth more!


After she inspected my body she went away.  She said it was to put a final price on my body.  I was able to wiggle loose from my restraints and ran off.


Someone rescue me!

⛓  ⛓  ⛓  ⛓  ⛓

The Way of the Warrior


I was presented with the options of returning to my old Dojo… the one I left before.
The Natakogami-clan was a scouting clan that was starting to grow when I joined. Although they did not do a good job of maintaining its members, the Natakogami clan was a forward scouting party of Shinobi’s and Ninjas. 
After some time in the Maelstorm, I was promoted and given a small unit to be in charge of. It was a way to put the blame on me for when the unit did not succeed. This made me lost trust in the Maelstorm and the BlackSails. 
Then… Doma happened, and everything changed. The Natakogami-clan brought in a Sensei to teach those who wish to become and learn the art… of Bushido, the Way of the Warrior.
Our Sensei showed us the power of the Blade and how it can affect our surroundings. He taught those who where serious in wanting to learn. 
Sadly… we found out that our Sensei had a dark past… and it led him to find someone to be able to challenge him… to set him free of his chains.



It was hard to be the one to cut him down… but he regained his honor by teaching me the truth and the way of rightousness.

He was buried in Western Thanalan, facing the ocean, towards Hingashi.


Rest well Sensei, maybe you now be at peace.


~Psy 💋