Made it Rain at the Golden Saucer

So, my kitty is still away at training.  She’s been checking in with me and is pretty miserable.  It’s been raining a lot and the leadership is really unorganized.  I decided to be really naughty and take pictures to cheer her up!  Here is a set of me at the Golden Saucer last night.  I found a couple hiding spots and….well, I pleasured myself and caused some mischief!

💕   💕   💕

💕 This is where I came on the floor. Oh gods….I made such a mess! 💕

💕 Wish my kitty was here to take me from behind…. 💕

💕 My body.  It’s for your pleasure Psyiah and only your pleasure!  Well…..mine too 😉 💕

This kiss is for you Psyiah!  Hurry home to me!

Anyone keeping score?  What would you rate my body? 🏆

I got really brave!  I ran out into the middle of the room,
completely naked, and did a little dance! 💃
💕   💕   💕

Feeling Hallow…

Sometimes one must feel empty, to be reminded what it is to be full.
Sometimes one must feel alone, to be reminded what it is to have someone.
Sometimes one must feel heart break, to be reminded what it is to feel love.
I miss you Annimae Nalani, I miss you dearly, but I know there is light at the horizon, light that will lead me back to you. 
I miss your touch Annimae Nalani, I miss being near you, in your arms, and in your warmth. 
I love you Annimae Nalani, I love you very much, with all my heart, mind, body, and soul. 
I will soon be in your arms… love you baby. 
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