Wedding Day

Une magnifique journée.

The sun was out, the birds were singing and a warm breeze kicked up Anni’s veil. It was a perfect day. Not because of the aforementioned setting but because of the love which brought two Miqo’te together.

Tears of joy formed in Blanche’s eyes as she looked at the beautiful kitten beside her. She would find no one more loyal and more committed than Anni.

Anni smiled and looked over at her fiancé. Anni’s heart was pounding in her chest; seeing Blanche so happy brought her own tears of joy to Anni’s eyes.

“I vow to carry you,” Blanche began, “to love you, even to raise you from dying in ze bad puddles of stuff I told you to avoid…” Anni giggled and looked deep into Blanche’s eyes. “But more seriously, meeting you was just the light I needed in my life. We will live a life of wonderful adventures together and I swear to protect you with my life and always give the best of myself.”

Blanche gently slid the ring she painstakingly crafted onto Anni’s trembling finger.

Anni spoke softly, her voice trembled nervously, “At one point, while we were dating, you asked me: “Where have you been all my life?” Many people chuckle at the rhetoric, it is an interesting thought to ponder. I paused for only a moment, looked into your beautiful eyes and answered.

You see, you came into my life at the perfect moment.  Or should I say: I came into your life at the perfect moment.  Up until that moment, I wasn’t ready for you. I was not yet good enough for you.

You are an amazing woman, a woman who deserves more than just a mate. I had to learn from my mistakes. I had to grow as a woman. I had to become more than I was. Until I did, I did not deserve you.

I can’t express enough just how amazing you are. You’re smart and funny and so very caring. You are perfect in every way: perfect for me. I only hope I can be perfect for you.

As we begin a new life together, I make you this promise: I will be the best I can be for you. You truly make me want to be a better kitty for you.

I love you Blanche DeLioncourt. And I always will.”

Anni wiped a tear from her own cheek, with the back of her hand before slipping a ring, which she also meticulously crafted herself, onto Blanche’s finger.

Blessings on the newly weds!



Now, Forever & Always

I hold her, my heart healed, my soul once more whole.

Now, Forever and Always

These words were spoken to me by my wife yesterday evening as we stood before each other and renewed our vows.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-20 20-06-27.png

Psy has always been good with words.  Not me.  I don’t have words to describe the love I have for my wife.  Even yesterday, as we exchanged vows, I fumbled over my words, having a hard time saying what I was feeling.

I am not an easy kitten to be with, I know. I aggravate her with my stubbornness.  I know she hates the way I forget to put the cap on the toothpaste tube.  And I don’t always remember to tell her when I am going to be home late.  But she still loves me.  She never points out my flaws, she never draws attention to my mistakes.  She just loves me for me.  She accepts me for who I am and everything I am and loves all of it.

I tell her I don’t deserve her.  Its cliche, I know, but there isn’t another way to say it.  I feel so special because of her.  I feel like she deserves someone who is a better lover and care taker.  Someone who can be a better provider.  I just, I guess I feel like I just wanna curl up in her arms and beg for her to never let me go.  I need her in my life.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-20 20-04-14

When I am home alone, my heart feels empty.  I roam around the house bored and unable to find anything I want to do.  I do a little dusting, I rearrange the furniture, I play solitaire triple triad…I mope about and feel “blah”.  My heart like legit aches.  I can’t seem to cure the pain, only Psyiah can.  Only the sound of the front door closing and the sound of her voice as she calls to me, can heal that pain.  I throw my arms around her and welcome her home with a big hug.  I hold her, my heart healed, my soul once more whole.

I have a very technical mind, and its hard for me to put my emotions into words.  Hell all I’ve done here is blabber and throw together random thoughts trying to piece together a way to let my wife know she is my entire world and without her, nothing matters.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 21-56-22.png

Psyiah, if you’re reading this, please know that you are my one true love.  I would give up anything for you.  You really truly do make my world a better place.

A Most Starlit Surprise!

Oh My God Becky!  I can’t help but try to hold back tears right now.  I am married to the most wonderful kitty in all of Hydalen.  I just….i can’t even type…  Phew…OK Anni, calm down…you can do this…  Ahem, so yea, Psyiah totally caught me off guard and presented me with a ring!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-30 16-03-36

She “proposed” to me, asking if I would recommit myself to her and renew our vows together.  Of coarse I immediately broke down crying.

ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-30 14-26-45
Psyiah’s Proposal

Let me tell you, she always seems to be able to read me and she just like, knows me.  I was feeling a little down because we had both been so busy and had not had any time to spend together to celebrate Starlight and she pops this surprise on me!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-30 14-26-55ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-30 14-27-20

We both couldn’t speak, what with being so caught up in the emotions of it all.

ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-30 15-02-08ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-30 15-02-29ffxiv_dx11 2017-12-30 15-02-46

A few moments of kitty cuddles later and we were able to speak and share in the wondrous moment.  This kitten is my whole world and I can’t tell you just how very special she is or just how lucky I am to have her.  Psyiah Nalani is my everything!

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