How I Say Thank You

What a day…

I got home from being out all day in Ul’dah and was welcomed by my wife. It was nice to be at home in the cool air rather than the hot, hot sun.

Anyway, prior in the week I made an order for two gifts for my wife, two of them plushies. She was so excited to do the remodel of our room within our house, that I decided to get her a few more. I ordered a witch and a large fluffy moogle!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-25 19-11-56
She always gives the best hugs


The maid received the order in, and brought it down to us. It was a brown box, and I was pretty excited. Anni was so curious and I just played dumb. Hehe, I think she saw right through it, but she was quite surprised.

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-25 19-01-20
Maid bringing in the first box


Soon after, I asked about the second delivery, and the maid confirmed it also arrived. It was large and upstairs. I was just so excited! Anni loved the first plushie I got her, and I was anxious for her to see the second one.

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-25 19-04-42
The Maid informing Anni of the second delivery


Anni did not delay at all to find the little witch plushie a home!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-25 19-33-10
Anni putting up the witch plushie

And once Anni saw the second one… she was so ecstatic! It was larger than I thought it would be but soo soft! And he made noise!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-25 19-35-05
She was so happy!


Lastly, I got her a personal gift; a choker matching her earrings. She said she didn’t recall her asking or it, but I totally remember her saying something. I wanted to try out the spa at the same time, with the new remodel and just enjoy some cuddles while I got her the gift…

Instead, as I reached over to the gift, she began to pleasure me, oh gods… it was so hot. She nursed on me while she fingered me, gods just thinking about it is making me all horny again! She had her way with my flower and I orgasmed, not once but twice!

Soon after our sexy time, I showed her the choker I got her, and she really liked it! I put it on her and it looked so cute on her!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-25 21-29-40
My sexy wife

We ended up just snuggling for a bit after. It was a way to thank her for the way she really took care of me when I was stressed and down. Always take the time to make sure you care for those who do a lot for you. Just the smallest gesture can go a long way.

Thank you Annimae for being there for me, for being such a wonderful friend, my lover, and my wife. You really know how to put a smile on my face, and show how much you love me. You take care of me, pamper me, spoil me, and make me laugh. Your smile gives me light to a dark day, and your kind words give me such pure happiness.

I love you Annimae!


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