Something Intimate

Psyiah and I wanted to share something intimate with you.  It’s something we have been doing for a while and have only rarely mentioned it.  We nurse off each other and enjoy each other’s milk.  No, we are not expecting kittens! Ha ha, let me share with you, this very special and intimate time…

It started as a question: Could kitties, such as ourselves, begin to produce milk without becoming pregnant?  We were sitting by our fire place one evening and the topic came up.  Strange, I know, and to be honest, I’m not sure how we got on the topic.  We decided we would like to give it a try.

After talking it over and consulting with our doctors we began the process.  For the first couple weeks we simply suckled on each other’s nipples and gently massaged each other’s breasts.  The goal was to stimulate the milk producing glands.  After the first month we could feel our breasts begin to firm up and change shape but we were not yet producing any milk.  And yes, our breasts got bigger =p

During month two, we were administered a gentle steroid.  The steroid mimicked what happens in a kitty’s body when she is pregnant.  The shift in hormones was the final push our bodies needed to begin producing milk.  Psyiah began producing first.  When I began first nursing on Psy, there was very little milk for me to enjoy, really only a few drops.  As days passed she began to produce more and more milk.  A new evening routine had begun to take shape; nightly I would enjoy her milk.

A couple weeks later, my body caught up and began producing milk.  Like Psyiah, it was only a few drops at first, but over the course of a week my production picked up and I began producing enough to satisfy my kitten.  In the evening, after we had bathed, we would lay in bed, turn down the lights and enjoy our milk.

It is a quiet time for us. A time for us to lay together in bed and share something we will only ever share with each other.  Neither of us had ever lactated before so it was new and special.  My mouth is the only mouth to ever taste Psyiah’s milk and likewise my mouth is the only one to ever taste her milk.

Spending this intimate time together has had such a positive impact on our relationship its almost impossible to explain.  My body produces milk for my kitten, Psyiah.  When Psy nurses on my breasts, I feel like I am nurturing and caring for her.  When I feel her lips on my nipples, gently tugging and drinking from my body, it warms my soul.

Love is a powerful thing.  Spend quiet time with your spouse and give to each other.  Whether you decide to nurse like we have or not, spending quiet, intimate time with your significant other is essential to a healthy and deep relationship.



Is it safe?  Yes, but you must consult with your doctor.  Every kitty’s body is different and responds differently

Do you still take the steroid?  No.  Once you begin producing milk the steroid is no longer needed.

Will you stop making milk? Depends, a kitten’s body will continue to make milk as long as there is a demand for it.

Does it hurt? Not at all! The whole process was pleasant and intimate.

Psyiah nursing, while laying in the water.

Sexy Pics and Anal Sex

Last night Psyiah and I set up a couple cameras and set out to take some sexy pictures together.  It didn’t take long and we were naked.  Before we knew it, I had on our favorite strap-on and was giving Psyiah a little “backdoor” action.

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