How to end a bad day…

Today was a tough day….

Things just didn’t go so well today. It went from one bad thing to the next and then led to negative thoughts. I recently found out that I will be talking to Annimae a whole lot less due to the responsibilities that I am taking on within the Flame. I really enjoy my position, but… I really love Anni as she helps me get through the day. Knowing that I might not talk to her as much, makes me sad.. and worried that I just might… I don’t know…be forgotten…

But I could be no farther from the truth! My wife… the best person in the world, knows how to cheer me up! Her love, dedication, actions, and gifts always know how to make me feel loved and make me smile. She sent me a message which was sweet and filled with reassurance with her kind and loving words, then she welcomed me home with flowers! I surprised her by coming home early, but it was I who was surprised! She really knows how to make a girl get all teary-eyed. And she got the flowers in my favorite color!! Gods… she loves me so much!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-22 18-37-42
The perfect flowers

Then, she took me outside and showed me yet another gift! She truly remembers everything I have ever wanted! The amount of love that she showed me is… I am already crying just writing this. She really is the sweetest, most loving girl I have ever met!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-22 19-07-01
My wife, enjoying herself

Sitting on the bench, we cuddled and enjoyed the peaceful sounds of the nearby waves. Soon I found myself bottomless and my wife going down on me. Oh gods the way she did it, she started licking around my labia and eventually began teasing me as she got to the center of my flower. Her tongue danced and teased my special button as I got aroused very quickly. She kept going until I orgasmed…. Three times!! My orgasms were so intense that I ended up squirting!! Gods… What she does to me… Just thinking about it is getting me all hot and bothered. I think the neighbors heard us, I was pretty loud, he he he.

But she was not done there, she got me one final gift, she got me fireflies! She had a large box and had me open it. Inside was the cage and in a jar, in a brown paper bag, were the cute fireflies. They flew around in the dark being happy and glowing bright green. It was such a cute gift and I really love it. It is the small things in life that brings me happiness and joy to my life, and Anni is it.

Soon after we headed down to the beach, and snuggled a bit. We chatted quietly enjoying the waves and cool water on our naked bodies. She made my day so much better and so happy. She truly is my best friend, always aware of my feelings and how to take care of me.

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-22 20-31-48
She knows how to make me feel loved

You know how when you get a feeling… a gut feeling of a situation that is just right, that just feels good? Well the love that Anni has for me is beyond that. She really knows… and her love is as solid as the hardest metal in all of Hydaelyn. I love you Annimae Nalani, you really are the best thing that has ever happened to me. 💗

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-22 20-34-01
Pure love and satisfaction


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