Punishment Fitting the Crime

Dear Diary,

A few days ago, Aika decided to change her hair and hair color. This violated her rights as our pet. She was punished. I took her to the Tea House and based on the conversation with Anni, a spanking was appropriate.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-20 22-44-30
Aika, waiting for her punishment~

I sat down on a chair and instructed her to remain naked. She bent over my lap, and I began to give her 5 hard spanks. Each one harder than before. Soon, after it was done, I continued to spank her, but… with something else in mind. My hands became more sensual and I explored her body. Soon I was fingering her and she was moaning.

I ensured she learned her lesson soon after as I made her cum.
I think she understood~

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-20 23-35-15
Aika enjoyed the punishment~


Deep Throat Training and Punishment

A couple nights ago I did a terrible job in a dungeon. Following its completion I was severely punished…

A few nights ago I did a terrible job in a dungeon.  Following its completion I was severely punished:

Anni: “Sorry i was not very good in there master, I failed a lot.”

Sky: “You will need a spanking kitten.”

Anni: “Yes’m. kitten was less than sub par.”

Anni: “Sorry i was more of a hindrance than a help, but ty for letting me tag along just the same.”

Sky: “Get inside kitten, master is gonna punish you for this.”

Anni appears sad.

Sky: “Something the matter kitten?”

Anni: “Kitten was bad. Kitten knows it.”

Sky bends down and kisses Anni’s neck and at the same time she pinches Anni’s nipples hard.

Anni: “OUCH!! ouch ouch ouch ouch!!!!” Anni clenches her teeth.

Sky, still kissing, pulls on Anni’s nipples then lets them fall. “Master has to punish you, even if you know what you did, you need to learn to do better from now on.

Anni nods, winces as her sensitive nipples are pinched and pulled. Anni remains silent and obedient as she takes the punishment she deserves.

Sky: “Follow me downstairs and take your panties off.”

Anni: “Yes master.”  Anni follows her master to the basement where her master has her stand.

Sky: “Stay here I will be back.”

Anni looks at the floor sadly.

Sky: “Get up here and lay with you head facing me, on your back.”  Sky points to a specific spot on the decking that surrounds the spa.

Anni lies down on her back, with her head to Sky. “Yes master.”

Sky then pulls out rope and starts tying Anni’s arms and legs down to different hooks Anni has never seen before. They are mounted in the decking surrounding the spa. When Sky is done Anni’s head is drooping over the side so everything appears upside down to her. Anni’s mouth is almost perfectly level with Sky’s crotch.

Anni begins to break out in a cold sweat as she is tied down, she looks at Sky, who appears upside down, and whimpers.

Sky: “Look at this as your next training lesson kitten, you are going to take my tail in your mouth, and I mean all of it, and you are gonna keep it there for a bit of time.

Anni” “Y-yes m-m-master.” Anni hesitates but lets her head drop back. She reluctantly opens her mouth which now lines up perfectly with her throat.

Sky smirks confidently at Anni.

Sky slowly slides her tail between her legs as she bends her knees slightly to get the perfect angle, she reaches down and holds Anni’s mouth open with both hands. She pushes her tail in, the heat from Anni’s mouth is felt and makes Sky twitch a bit. Sky keeps pushing and pushing, deeper and deeper.

Anni winces as the dry tail begins to slide down her throat. Anni grips the ropes holding her down and braces herself. Anni can feel the tail wiggling as Sky begins to work it in. Anni runs her tongue over it trying to lubricate it.

Sky pulls all the way out, she grins at you and pushes it right back in, moving a bit easier this time, she forces herself into the back of Anni’s throat. “Relax kitten, it makes things easier.” She wiggles her tail trying to loosen Anni up, the feeling of being so deep inside her kitten starts to make Sky wet.

Anni gasps for air, taking advantage of the opportunity. She knows her master is right, if she could only lay still and relax, it wouldn’t be as bad. Anni gags a little as the smooth scales of the Au’ra tail slide back into her throat. Anni can feel the tip wiggling in her chest as she takes it in. Anni squirms a bit as the pain returns.

Sky feels like she has hit another block so she pulls out, she looks down angry at kitten and slaps her face. “Come on kitten relax, you almost had it that time. You need do this kitten. Master wants kitten to be trained, to do anything I ask, anytime I ask it.” Sky shoves her tail back in, getting a bit farther this time, at this point Anni almost has the hold tail down her throat. “Shhhh, just relax, it will be over soon if you just relax.”

Anni gasps for air and whimpers. Tears run from her eyes but before she can react the tail slides back down, deeper than before, the tail stretches her throat, the pain is intense and Anni cant control her body, she tugs at the restraints as she thrashes around a bit. Her face turns a little blue as she is unable to breathe. Precum runs down Sky’s tail and runs over Anni’s face, getting in her eyes. Anni arches her back and writhes as the pain grows.

Sky pulls out, giving kitten some air. “Good kitten good, almost there, I think you got it with this next one. Sky waits a little bit making sure Anni can breathe then plunges back in, this time she slides in easy, almost all the way, the last few inches she has to wiggle her tail, but she gets it all in, she holds it there, watching kitten, seeing her in pain, but proud she has done it. She stays deep inside for a few minutes, then pulls it out, careful not to tear her anymore than she already has.

Anni pants and gasps, her chest heaves as she draws in a much oxygen as she can. Anni’s face is now a mess of tears, runny makeup and precum. Anni grips the ropes as her body tenses up, but remains still. She feels the tail slide deep down her throat and gathers all her energy to lay still. She begins to gag, her throat tightens around Sky’s tail as it contracts with Anni’s gags. Anni slowly forces her body to relax a little and endures the pain. Finally her master pulls out and Anni gasps again, catching her breath. She falls lip, having put all her energy into trying to lay as still as she could.

Sky: “Kitten I am very very proud of you.” She starts untying Anni.

Anni lays there, panting. “Th-thank you…..m-m-master….” She pants some more

Sky unties the restraints. “Come get in the bath and heal up. You are always so good at taking your punishment and lessons.” Sky starts to undress.

Anni moves to get up but winces in pain. She holds out her arms, “Help..” Anni speaks softly with a raspy voice.

Sky walks over and picks up her kitten with ease, it kind of amazes Anni, how easily she does it. Sky then carries Anni to the tub and sets her down. Then sitting herself next to Anni, she kisses and hugs her.

Anni sits motionless for a moment, gathering herself, her breathing is still a bit rapid. Unable to see anything, Anni cups some water in her hands and splashes it over her face, washing it. She wipes the droplets away and opens her eyes, blinking.

Sky: “Your master loves you kitten.”

Anni smiles at her master. “Kitten did OK, master?”

Sky: “You did amazing, not sure you could tell, but you got the whole thing inside.” Sky blushes. Sky holds Anni close, trying to sooth and help heal her.

Anni: “I…I did!?” Anni perks up a bit, her voice still horse. “Wow…..” She is a little amazed with herself, then she starts coughing.

Sky giggles, “shhhhh, kitten.” she reaches behind for a bottle of milk she had set aside. “Here drink this kitten, it should help coat your throat.”

Anni takes a sip of the milk, which tastes very familiar. “mmmm” she looks at the bottle then at Sky and blushes. “Thank you master.”

Sky kisses Anni, not in a sexy way, not in a lustful way, but in a caring, ‘I am here for you always’ kind of way.

Anni cuddles into Sky and purrs quietly. Anni can feel her throat tingle as her feline healing powers take over and work their magic, repairing the small tears and stretches in her throat. Within 30 minutes Anni’s voice is back to normal and there is very little pain.

Sky: “Are you excited at what you just did?”

Anni nods. “mmm kitten is proud! Kitten um….wants to get better at that so she can do it with no pain at all. For her master’s pleasure.”

Sky: “I love you so much kitten, just stay here and heal.”

Anni: “mmmm thank you master.” Anni leans back in the spa and closes her eyes. A fine finish to her evening of training and punishment.

The Pain!

I yelled out as I could feel small tears forming and I stated to bleed.

I was a very VERY bad kitten.  I have no one to blame but myself.  I was looking at master’s old pair of glasses when I dropped them.  When I hopped down off the bar stool to pick them up I landed right on them and crushed them!  I panicked and hid them, hoping she would not miss her old glasses.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 10-28-07.png

Oh was I wrong! She found them a few days later (today) and questioned me about them.  I denied knowing anything about them but of course she saw right through me.  I knew I had to be punished and oh wasn’t I.  My master called me to her side.  I dropped everything I was doing and reported to her.  She told me to get naked, I did while she yelled at me.

She made me bend over and once on all fours she touched my dry pussy.  I gasped in pain as a cold, metal object was slowly inserted into me.  It was rough in texture which made it hurt all that much more.  Master slid it in and out a few times while pinching my pussy lips together.  The pain was excruciating!  I was crying so hard I could barely breathe.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 10-31-04

Then she moved to the other side of the tub and made me crawl to her.  It was her staff that was stuffed into me.  As I crawled, it dragged behind me.  I had to clench my pussy muscles around it to stop it from falling out.  It hurt so much!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 10-40-42

Master spanked me over and over until I told her exactly what I was: a filthy lying kitten.  Then she pushed down on the shaft of the staff, creating a prying motion on my pussy.  I yelled out as I could feel small tears forming and I stated to bleed.  A few more thrusts and master pulled the end of the staff from me.  I collapsed, sore, exhausted  and bleeding.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-15 10-40-07

Once satisfied with the punishment she was giving me, my master dismissed me, allowing me to return home to my wife.  I deserved this punishment.  Thrice I shamed her.  I broke her glasses, hid them instead of telling her, then I lied about it.  My master’s punishment for me was appropriate for the crime.  I have learned a valuable lesson.

Looking forward to spending the rest of the day with my beautiful wife!

Third Training Session

Tonight master took me into Morn where I was subjected to my next training session and punishment.  Punished for what you might ask? Oh…kitten has had a rough few days.  First I masturbated without permission.  That’s like stealing from master.  Then, this morning, I got a little carried away chasing a moth and knocked over one of master’s plants.  Ugh, and then I went into one of master’s drawers and used one of her toys without permission!

My training session tonight was my second session on self control.  During my first session I was put under conditions to coax me to orgasm but I had to control my body and not orgasm.  This session was different.  I was subjected to excruciating pain and then forced to orgasm.

Master blindfolded me and chained me to a pillar
She hung weights from my nipples.
She fingered my pussy
It was so hot in there
She pulled my panties off and went faster
She bit and sucked on my clit.
She kept at it forcing me to cum twice.
I collapsed from exhaustion
I passed my training and endured my punishment
Master took me home and bathed me
We cuddled before falling asleep in each other’s arms
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