An Evening with Black Fire

A week or so ago I was having a rough couple of days.  I was feeling a bit rejected and alone.  Everyone seemed busy and I was alone.  My friend Black Fire messaged me and we got to talking.  I invited her over for a visit.  Once in Mist, we laid in the water and just relaxed.  We honestly didn’t say much, didn’t chat much.  We just laid on our backs, holding hands and relaxing.  The evening sky was clear, the stars where out and the evening air was warm.  Having here there comforted me and made me feel much better.  I think we both needed each other’s company, to be honest.  At the end of the evening we crawled into bed together, snuggled and both fell asleep quickly.  There was no sex, no promiscuity just her company and a warm body to hold.

Thank you Black.

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