First Time With A Man

My pussy stretched and accepted the thick dick, I lowered myself onto him…

As you all know, I prefer the company of other girls.  I’m a lesbian.  As such I’ve never had sex with a man before.  Only girls.  Now with that said, I have been with a couple girls who were futa, so I have had dick but not with a man.  It’s something I don’t necessarily crave but lately I have been curious what it feels like.  Enter my dear friend Ryu.  I’ve known him for a very long time.  He’s quite the gentle giant!

We tease each other from time to time.  I tell him how I’m going to swallow his cock and give him the best blow job ever and he teases me telling me how he is going to pump me full of cum.  Well, it just so happened, one evening, I was feeling especially randy and decided to give Ryu a call. Of course he came right over! ha ha

We enjoyed a glass of wine together and relaxed for a bit.  We talked about sex, men, women etc.  We talked about sex…..together.  He was very excited about being my first man and scooped me up in his arms.  He took me to the bedroom where he laid down on the bed.  His thick, erect cock stood ready to receive me.

I climbed onto the bed and over him, rubbing myself over his member.  I kissed him before positioning myself over his manhood.  I winced a little, his strong hands landed on my hips, supporting me and holding me.  Slowly I guided the tip to my anxious pussy and pressed the tip in.  I could feel myself being spread open as he slid in.  He saw I was in a little bit of pain and stopped me.  With only the top of his shaft in my pussy, I could already feel him throbbing.  He was hard as a rock, anxious to fill me up, yet he waited.

My pussy stretched and accepted the thick dick, I lowered myself onto him.  I felt his tip press into my cervix.  I looked at him and bit my lip.  My cunt was filled with him and hugged his shaft tightly.  I could feel him throbbing inside me as I sat on his cock.  Slowly he lifted my petite frame and pulled partially out, then lowered me back down.  I became wetter and wetter, coating him with my juices.

As I got wetter, he began fucking me faster and harder.  I wrapped my arms around his neck as she pounded my desperate pussy.  I winced as he rammed himself deep into me.  It was a blissful mix of pleasure and pain.  I whimpered and moaned as I came on his dick.  My cum dripped and ran down his shaft as he continued to ravage my cunt.  I clawed at his back with ecstasy.

I could hear him groaning and breathing heavy, our bodies covered in a light coating of sweat.  He gasped and stopped.  His dick throbbed as it emptied its payload deep into my sterile cunt.  He was only half in as his semen was pumped into me.  I could feel it, warm and smooth as it filled the void of my womb.  He slid me up and down his cock just a little bit to keep his orgasm going.

He worked my pussy gently then suddenly I heard him gasp, “oh shit!” he sounded surprised as he came again, squirting more semen into me.  His throbbing cock pressed against the walls of my hungry pussy as his cum traveled down through it to be delivered to my womb.  He held me firmly in place while he delivered his seed, as if determined to impregnate me.  I whimpered and clung to his muscular frame.  The pulsing of his member inside me was amazing.  Having that man inside me and filling me up was incredible.

When he was done, he lifted me off his now flaccid cock.  I knelt between his legs, his semen inside me.  Like the good little kitty I am, I bent over and cleaned off his dick.  I licked up all the semen on it and his balls.

I enjoyed sex with Ryu, he was an amazing lover. His cock felt so good: thick and warm. I enjoyed sex with a man. I still prefer women but he was a nice and welcome change. Thank you for being my first Ryu, you were awesome!

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Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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