Dear Fans,

So many of you probably wonder what I do on these ‘excursions’ that I go on from time to time. Let’s go back a bit to explain more on what I do. If you recall, I am part of the security team for the AstroLab. So naturally, when the Astrologians wish to go out of Ishgard, I lead my team to keep them safe.

Last night, was nothing different from the usual excursions. Being in the desert was not that fun though. We patrolled around the area of the Astrologians, as we kept them safe, and the site secure.
I do a multitude of things, such as:

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-11 23-35-27
Conducting Patrols On My Steed
ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-11 23-33-46
Reporting Suspicious Behavior
ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-11 23-45-51
Fighting The Monsters Near By
ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-11 23-41-09
Tracking The Garleans
ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-11 23-48-50
Fighting The Garleans If Need Be

I love what I do, but sometimes it keeps me away from my wife more so than I want it to, but in order to keep Eorzea safe, one must have some sacrifices.




One thought on “Excursions”

  1. Thank you for keeping us safe sweetie! You have no idea how much peace you and your team bring to us. You have put a lot of people at ease in the wake of my mentor’s death. Thank you.


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