Dear Diary,

I never knew how much of an interest I have with well, dick! I was introduced to Nikuri by my wife Annimae some while ago, and from the moment I saw her, there was a bit of a sexual tension between us. She was such a nice person and I really enjoy talking to her.

We talked a bit about everything, and although I did not spend a lot of time with her, we had some moments, where I noticed she was checking me out. One day, I decided to be bold and tease her enough, so she could show me her dick. I never touched it, but it was… well something else. I felt myself very interested by her and her story.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-05 20-03-54
Nikuri or Nikky and me!


ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-09 20-58-04
Such a cutie! Don’t you think?

I look forward on having more fun with her in the future. (The current picture was taken after the henna tattoos wore off.)



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