Orientation: Hell Week – Day Two Pt. 2

The group was now exhausted. The ‘warm up’ lasted for a few hours. It was only close to 10am and the group was standing in front of SGT Molo. He was eating in front of them. “You know what this is? This is chicken, seasoned in herbs and spices to give it a great flavour. You see this?” He points to a sushi platter, “This is my favorite sushi platter. I will be having a snack. You see that?” He points to a small boat, big enough for a few people. “That is yours. You will carry that as you follow us as we head to La Noscea.” He chuckles and eats.

He mounts up on a Chocobo and they set up. The team picks up the boat and begin their long trek. They struggle a few miles in, their bodies already stuggeling from the day before and this morning. No food, and walking lots of miles. They finally reach an airship. And the put the boat on it. They hold the boat above their head as the air ship flies towards La Noscea.

This disembark and carry the boat toward the edge of a beach. There they begin their next phase. “Okay, ride it out! Lets see who will drown! Row!” The group rows with SGT Molo at the helm. “Row, row, row!! You will learn to endure the water! Jump out now!” The team drops the paddles and jumps put of the small boat. “Learn to float or drown!” Stated SGT Molo.

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