Orientation: Hell Week – Day Two Pt. 1

Yelling continued, even before the 9 of us showing up. One person already left over night. “WELL LOOKIE LOOKIE SEEMS SOMEONE DECIDED TO COME BACK FOR SOME MORE!” SGT Molo now in some lighter gear, he stands in front of the 9 and folds his arms. “Seems that you just won’t learn Psyiah… you seem to not get the hint. YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!!” The instructors laughed at Psyiah, “Did you cry all night?! I bet you did!!” The other 9 remained just like Psyiah: still and awaiting orders. “Let’s see what all nine of you got today. LET’S GET TO WORK!” SGT Molo jumped down and began yelling orders, “PUSH UPS! DO THEM! DO 400 OF THEM NOW!!” The instructors yelling at the 9, the got a water hose and began spraying the 9 of them. They kept taunting them and yelling at them.

“OH LOOK!! ANOTHER ONE!!” SGT Molo yelled, as another left. By now it is in the late morning and all 8 of them have gone past muscle failure. Psyiah struggles to get to push up 200. “GO AHEAD AND QUIT! I know you want to… everyone else is… come on… you know you don’t belong here. So just make it easy for us and QUIT!” SGT Molo yelled into Psyiah’s ear. “YOU! YEAH YOU MAGGOT! YOU DONE?” “YES SIR!” SGT Molo laughed. “NO YOUR NOT! I ONLY COUNTED 2 PUSHUPS! NOW DO 398 MORE!” The other tank frowned and began to start all over again. A bell rang. “OH looks like it is time for a break. RUN 4 MILES, LETS GO!” SGT Molo and the instructors ran behind the 8 and began yelling at them to run faster. One of the tanks fell and Psyiah helped picked him up. One of the instructors kicked Psyiah in the butt. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” “Helping Sir!” “THE FUCK YOU ARE! GET BACK TO RUNNING!! IF YOU CAN’T HOLD YOUR OWN WEIGHT, HOW THE HELL WILL YOU BE ABLE TO HELP ANYONE ELSE?!”

The 7 of them get back from running the 4 miles. One of them gave up on the run. “I bet you are next Psyiah. So why don’t you just quit.” “No Sir!” stated Psyiah. “OH? YOU ARE NOT GOING TO QUIT?! HERE LET ME HELP YOU!” They turned on the hose and began to spray them once more. “SIT-UPS! 500 OF THEM! NOW!!” SGT Molo shouted. “The best part of all of this… is this is just a warm up!! Hahahaha!”

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