Made it Rain at the Golden Saucer

So, my kitty is still away at training.  She’s been checking in with me and is pretty miserable.  It’s been raining a lot and the leadership is really unorganized.  I decided to be really naughty and take pictures to cheer her up!  Here is a set of me at the Golden Saucer last night.  I found a couple hiding spots and….well, I pleasured myself and caused some mischief!

💕   💕   💕

💕 This is where I came on the floor. Oh gods….I made such a mess! 💕

💕 Wish my kitty was here to take me from behind…. 💕

💕 My body.  It’s for your pleasure Psyiah and only your pleasure!  Well…..mine too 😉 💕

This kiss is for you Psyiah!  Hurry home to me!

Anyone keeping score?  What would you rate my body? 🏆

I got really brave!  I ran out into the middle of the room,
completely naked, and did a little dance! 💃
💕   💕   💕
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