Toplessness is Freedom

Being nude or topless makes me feel free and uninhibited.  I feel confident about my body and the way it looks.  Being able to shed the baggage of worry, has set me free.  A feeling I love and enjoy.  So hang onto your hats people!  Nudes abound here!😘   😘   😘

You’re My Honey, Honey

While out exploring with my wife, we found a beautiful waterfall and a cabin tucked away in the woods. We splashed around in the water and were silly.We didn't come prepared with swimwear. Oh well! 😇On the cabin door there was a note: Cabin Rental, Honor System: 20k gil per night, 3 night maximum. We …

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Feeling a bit blue… and under the weather

So... I stayed home today... I didn't feel good at all. I think I caught something from the ship... been feeling pretty lousy all day.... I am just ready for my baby to get home...😷 I really have not done much through out the day... I changed my hair up a bit... went more of a …

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A man from Uldah

Well, I think I found some glamour that I am fully in love with... along with something that I have been waiting for a LONG time...There was a man that came to Uldah and seem to have something interesting to say to everyone. Something about the Golden Saucer.So Annimae and I went to the Golden …

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A Pirate and her Kitten

So my wife and I decided to try something new... and we went to Sastasha and did a bit of RolePlay... it was... well, let me just show you on how hot it was! 😏---I found this pretty lass out walking around... in MY cave! I think she is lost... 😏 but does not really …

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