The Library (A Roleplay Story)

Once and a while, Anni and I do a bit of roleplay and explore some of our fantasies. We do this as we really enjoy exploring our sexual desires and are adventurous. With this roleplay, Anni was returning a late book and I was the librarian who needed to punish her due to it being a year late. Hehe, needless to say, it was so hot and I just wanted to share it. Enjoy! ♥


I was finalizing some of the documents that required my attention, but it seems I was interrupted by a young girl who tossed a book on my desk. I was quiet upset about it, as she was quite rude.

She was quite adamant about just leaving. I was NOT going to have that. This young girl came into my library and thought there is no payment for these actions. As she walked away I scolded at her as I found out how late the book was; one year!

I walked over to her, prior to locking the main door and I was very upset. She offered to pay the ‘fee’ in gil, but I smacked it out of her hands. Gil?! The nerve of this girl… she thought that she could toss me money and get away from disrespecting my library like that? I made her pick up her gil and as she did, I noticed her pink panties. I looked at them and enjoyed the view.

She kept thinking the ‘fee’ of payment was money. I wanted her to know that it was NOT money I wanted. But rather something more precious… I quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the back of the library where I showed her the real location of where payment would be taken. She was scared and rightfully so!

She soon realized as I opened my hidden bedroom my true intentions. She tried to run, but I yanked on her top, which eventually ripped off. Her large breasts where exposed and I wanted to take her payment even more! They jiggled wildly as I pulled at her to drag her into the bedroom. I picked her up and tossed her on the bed. There, I quickly shut the hidden wall and prepared myself to take what I wanted.

She soon realized she has no where to go, and her payment will be taken! I jumped on the girl and pressed my breasts on hers as I locked her wrists and her ankles to the bed. Soon I began to have my way with the young girl. She squirmed and fought, but my sexual desire overtook her struggling. I wanted her flower as payment, and was willing to do whatever it took to get it!

She was finally giving in, as I forced the strap-on in her. I began to take her virginity as she struggled. She soon realized it was pointless to struggle. I thrusted the faux member inside her and took her body for my own pleasure. She rejected the enjoyment… at first. Eventually, I began going down on my victim and she fought for a bit, but then realized how much she enjoyed it. I ran my tongue up and down her flower and began to devour her. I could taste her sweet precum as my tongue lapped her. I wanted her to cum, I need her taste. I kept going not wanting to stop. I felt her pussy contract and her orgasm finally hit. I drank her sweet young cum and enjoyed it all. Her payment was met.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed doing it. We love exploring new sexual adventures within our lives. I love her so much and only wish to keep having fun with my wife in the bed and out.

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My beautiful wife


-Psyiah Nalani♥

Orientation: Hell Week Pt. 1

The group was talking about and amongst themselves. The room had about 40 members of the tanking division. Some were paladins, some warriors and others dark knights. The large group had a lot of alpha mentality as they talked about how they are better and bickering on why the axe is better than the sword. Jokes were made on certain jobs and a small ‘macho’ contest was on the way.

How she entered the room was beyond elegant. She wore a majestic golden armor, and her shield shined. Her voice was direct but soothing.

Everyone please refrain from talking and sit down.” Her voice could not be heard as she spoke. “NOW YOU LISTEN HERE YOU DARN MAGGOTS, WHEN SHE IS TALKIN Y’ALL SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!” The voice of shouted over the racket. Everyone sat down and looked for the person who spoke. A Lalafell stood up on a stool. “YOU SHALL SHOW RESPECT TO YOUR NEW COMMANDER! OR SO HELP ME GODS, I WILL REIGN THE WRATH OF BALMUNG HIMSELF ON YOUR ASS!!”

The entire room ran silent. The Lalafell was short, but very stren. His voice echoed throughout the small room. Everyone did not dare question him, except for one. “Can you stand up? I can’t hear you.” The room laughed. The Lalafell ran and grabbed the Roe by his shirt. He tossed him down and kicked his stomach. He punched his knee to the side and climbed up to his face. He slapped him and head butted him so hard that he broke his nose and made him fall to his back. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY MAGGOT?” The Lalafell yelled, “N…nothing!!” said the Roe in utter fear. “Good! Now get out of here!” He was immediately escorted out of the room.

“That is SGT Nomo Molo. He is our instructor, and your mentor for the next few weeks as you conduct your training. I am Commander Hyra Lyntha. Senior to the Astrologian defense team, and the leader of the Security Council. Today is your orientation. But we are not going to keep you long in this comfortable walls, or those seats. Here you will simply address if you are here and your orientation will consist of a week long course of training. Once you have passed this week, you will be informed if you are fully ready to remain here, or if you will be sent home.”

The crowd remained quiet but gasps could be heard. “Now, you all my by thinking now, ‘Why am I being tossed into this week of trial by punishment?’ Simple, we want ONLY the best. Not the mediocre, not the ones who try hard, but ONLY the best. Simple fact, we lost one of our most valued Astrologians to an ambush attack from the Garleans. She was a close friend of mine, and a mentor for some of the few elite of this organization. Her loss affected the whole of this organization, both at a professional and personal level. We want to make sure we only keep those who have the gal, the gut, the dedication, the desire, and the will power to withstand anything we toss at them for the defense of our Astrologians. Fail to pass our test, you will no longer be allowed in this halls. Pass, and you will be the best of the best.”

“But they are just a bunch of casters… why are they so important?” Some random stranger asks. “SGT, I will take this one.” The commander held the Lalafell at bay. “For one reason and one reason alone. These Astrologians have been incredibly successful in finding research and development for a better tomorrow. Their knowledge in research has paved the way in being more successful for Hydealyn. If you feel that this, ‘casters’ are not worth your time in defending, the door is right there. We need not your kind of mentality here.” The crowd remained silent and the hyur got up and left.

She began to call out names, until she reached a certain name. “Psyiah Nalani.” She stood up like the rest of them, “Present ma’am!” She remained standing and stood at attention. Murmurs ran through the crowd. ‘She seems small.’ ‘She won’t last.’ The commander spoke at her. “Now, from what I understand, your wife put in a recommendation for you. We don’t usually take them, but she was adamant that you where fit for the position. That we shall see, but I will make sure that the SGT here makes your life a living hell to make sure you live up to those expectations. You better not disappoint. Sit.” The commander continued reading of names until she finished. Psyiah was nervous all the sudden.

“To end this orientation, I leave you our motto. ‘The only easy day was yesterday.’ I hope all of you hydrated. SGT, they are all yours.” The commander turned and walked off. The Lalafell got on the stool and grinned. “And so it begins… GET UP MAGGOTS! GET UP AND GET OUT! LINE UP AND GET READY FOR PAIN!”