Quickie with Kas

Without a word, I just dropped to my knees and began licking her.

My girlfriend Kas needed some help getting through PotD, of course I jumped at the chance to help her out and spend time with her.  I’ll spare you picture of the disgusting bloodshed, but we owned it!  With the help of a couple of her guild mates we slayed our way through the dungeon and were victorious.  After everyone cleared out we stripped down for some quick nakie pics.

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Except…I could not help myself.  Seeing her gorgeous body got me all hot and bothered.

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Without a word, I just dropped to my knees and began licking her.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-06 15-32-32

I put my hands on her firm ass and pulled her into me.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-06 15-34-25

Her pussy was a little salty at first, the sweat from our expedition.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-06 15-36-19

But soon she was wet, and there it was: strawberries.  Gods she’s delicious!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-06 15-36-51

I licked her cute little bud gently then firmer and firmer.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-06 15-37-02

Soon she was crying out in ecstasy. Begging for more.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-06 15-39-20

She squirted multiple times into my mouth.  I swallowed all of her delicious juices and licked her clean.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-06 15-40-24

Tired, she sat down, panting.  I joined her and held her close.  Sometimes you just need a quickie right?

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-06 15-45-42

I can’t tell you how much I love her.  She is just incredible.

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I love you Kasumi Aoki.  You are very special to me.  Thank you for such a wonderful day including our adventure through PotD.  I can’t wait to spend more time with you.

An Overdue Night with My Mistress Gilly

Anni moans as her bra drops to the floor…

Anni embraces Gillifer Giles.

Gillifer Giles embraces you.

(Annimae Nalani) “Hey there sweetie!!!”

(Gillifer Giles) “Hiyas!!! How are yah?!”

(Annimae Nalani) “Much better now! Gods Gilly! I missed you so much!!!”

Gillifer Giles sees you and blushes with embarrassment.

(Gillifer Giles) “Awe thank you! I missed my Anni, too! But all is well and better now.”

(Annimae Nalani) “I’m so glad things worked out! Oh cute! Nice outfit.”

Gillifer Giles motions joyfully to you.

(Gillifer Giles) “Thanks! Yours too!”

Gillifer Giles agrees wholeheartedly with you.

(Annimae Nalani) “Do you like my panties and bra?” Anni blushes

(Gillifer Giles) “GODS YES”

You motion joyfully to Gillifer Giles.

(Annimae Nalani) Approaches Gilly and gives her a sweet kiss

(Gillifer Giles) “You’re surprisingly sexier than the last time I saw you.” Gilli takes Anni’s face and kisses her lips softly

(Annimae Nalani) “Well…. I’ve been exercising a lot more so my glutes are bigger, and I have been harvesting my milk regularly so my breasts are bigger too!  Would you like to see?” Anni blushes.

Gillifer Giles looks at you in surprise.

Gillifer Giles gazes upon you in deep reflection.

(Gillifer Giles) “I can tell. meowww So sexy.” Gilly fondles her boobs teasingly.

(Annimae Nalani) Smiles as Gilly helps herself.  Anni turns around so Gilly may unhook her bra.

(Gillifer Giles) Unhooks Anni’s bra slowly, letting those huge tits flop out freely. Gilli wraps her arms around Anni’s waist then traces her hands up to her boobs, squeezing them firmly.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni moans as her bra drops to the floor and her giant, swollen, milk filled tits drop and jiggle about.  Anni closes her eyes as her mistress gropes her and helps herself, Anni quickly becomes submissive in Gilly’s arms

Gillifer Giles smirks confidently at you.

(Gillifer Giles) Gilli fondles those huge mounds some more, clearly enjoying herself, pressing her body against Anni’s more. The sweet scent of Anni fills the air alongside their sexual tension.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni purrs and moans as Gilly plays with her breasts, her nipples grow hard and erect in response to Gilly’s touch.  Anni feels warm and at ease in the presence of her mistress.

(Gillifer Giles) “I missed the touch of these erect nipples. It’s almost as if they yearn for me and my touch.” Gilli begins to lose herself slightly as Anni’s boobs begin to secrete a bit of milk.

(Annimae Nalani) “I think they do mistress, my whole body aches for you.”  Anni whimpers as her loins burn with desire.  She can feel a little milk seep from her giant breasts.  “Take me Gilly….make me yours…..”

(Gillifer Giles) Before Gilli continues, she removes her top for additional comfort. Anni’s boobs leak all over Gilli’s fingers, but she laps it up happily, seemingly hungry. “Ah, so tasty. You always taste so delicious, it’s hard to ever get enough of that body of yours… now kneel before me.”

(Annimae Nalani) Anni’s breathing becomes heavier as she knows Gilly is undressing.   Anni drops to her knees, obeying her mistress.  She looks up at Gilli with her big dark purple eyes.  Anni’s tail wags.

Gillifer Giles smirks confidently at you.

(Gillifer Giles) “Good girl.” Gilli takes Anni’s head & shoves it into her crotch. She moans lightly under her breath as Anni’s warm breath trails up and around her quivering pussy. She removes her shorts so Anni can get a better taste.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni greedily slips her tongue between Gilly’s labia and enjoys her first taste of her lover that she has had in a long time.  Anni flicks Gilly’s clit with the tip of her tongue, focused on giving Gilly pleasure.

(Gillifer Giles) Gilli’s moans become more audible and echo throughout the room, coursing through Anni’s body. Gilli’s clit throbs in anticipation as the pleasure surges through her tight, little pussy. “More.. eat me out more.. right fucking now before I punish you…”

(Annimae Nalani) Anni slips her tongue deep into Gilly’s pussy then pulls it out to lick her clit, Anni works firmer and faster.  Soon Anni pulls Gilly’s labia apart with her fingers and licks the soft pink inside, she craves Gilly’s juices.

(Gillifer Giles) “Mmm.. yeah, just like that. Please your master.. unnnhh..” Gilli’s pussy leaks out a little from Anni’s techniques. She fondles her own tits anxiously, her clit throbbing intensely.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni smirks as Gilly’s body reacts positively to her licking.  Anni gets her first taste of Gilly’s precum, the flavor is sweet and thick, Anni licks it up and swallows before licking Gilly’s throbbing clit.  Anni licks around and around the clit before giving it a little suck.

(Gillifer Giles) Gilli moans louder and louder. Her legs begin to tremble in response to what is being done to her pussy. Her eyes begin to roll back into her head, the juices beginning to flow more steadily  “Anni.. Anni you’re gonna make me.. you’re gonna make me cum.. if you keep going.. ugh..!!!”

(Annimae Nalani) Anni opens her mouth wide and seals her lips around Gilly’s pussy.  Her tongue is driven deep into Gilly’s now very wet pussy.  Anni licks around inside and swallows all the precum that runs from her mistress.  Anni puts her hands on Gilly’s ass cheeks and pulls her in as she continues to eat her pussy.

(Gillifer Giles) “AHHH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!! ANNIIIII!!…” Gilli struggles to stand as her clit pulses from the pleasure, her pussy leaking and now gushing out cum ALL over Anni’s face. Gilli falls to her knees, moaning wildly, yelping momentarily, holding on to Anni’s arms…

(Annimae Nalani) Anni swallows what cum she can, but the volume is just too great, it splashes onto her face.  Anni swallows all she can and smirks as Gilly collapses to the floor. “Mmmm was that good for mistress?” Anni smirks, clearly already knowing the answer.

(Gillifer Giles) “Y-yeah..it was amazing.. I hadn’t gotten off in a while and you doing it… I couldn’t hold back with that combination of pleasure…” She lifts her head slowly, still a bit dizzy from the orgasm, and leans in to kiss Anni’s head “Thank you.”

(Annimae Nalani) Smiles at Gilly “I’m glad I could give you pleasure Gilly.” Anni returns Gilly’s kiss, a kiss of passion and love.


What Is In A Tail…

This is a late post, but I just have to talk about it…

A few Friday nights ago I encountered something else…. As I moved into new territory. Everything happened fast and with passion.

I went over to my friends house that night and I discovered something new: An obsession with a tail. See, Anni and I have tails to, but they are fluffy or have fur on them. They are fun to tease others with, but nothing what this tail can.

This tail has scales, but also soft. I can feel it pulse as blood flows through it, I can feel it get excited as it throbs in excitement, and I can feel it wiggle its tip as it enters me.

I was in the tub and I found Anni and her master talking and I can smell in the air the sex that was had before. I don’t know why, but it is such a turn on knowing when someone has had sex where I stand. I think it is the voyeur in me.

I was offered my crushes tail, and I did not really know what to say, other than try it. Anni allowed me to experiment with her master, on a different level. With wine in my system, and feeling very horny, I just let go and acted on my sexual instincts. It was very hot. My crush put her tail between her legs and she straddled it. The sight made me blush, it was as if she grew a… Oh my.

I was drawn by its size and all the stories I kept hearing about it from Anni made me want it more. It just stood there, erect and teasing me. I opened my mouth and let it slide in my open and wanting mouth. The taste had some flavour left over from my wife, as her taste is obvious to me. I just sucked and placed my hand on it. I began to stroke as I sucked, and suddenly, my lust just took over.

I began to deep throat her tail! I just rammed it to the back of my throat and just let is slide in. It was as if she was throat fucking me with it. Gods, I am getting horny just typing this!! I slobbered all over her tail, as I gagged trying to push deeper into my mouth. I coughed but kept at it. It felt so good. It wiggled as I pleasured it. I looked up at my crushes eyes as I gave her tail oral pleasure. I blushed and could not believe what I was doing. I could not stop, I wanted more.

Eventually I got up out of the tub and felt myself so wet! Gods… I am so hot right now… just thinking of sucking on that tail… I could do that all day! Okay, phew.. focus Psy.. focus. Right, so I mounted her. Her tail stood straight up, 10 inches high! Gods it felt so good sliding in me. I felt it hit my cervix as I took most of it. Then, I felt her tip wiggle in me!! Oh gods I almost instantly came! My lust for her and her tail grew at a rapid pace. I felt her grab my ass and I began to ride that hard tail up and down, faster and faster. Moaning and panting as the sex was getting more and more intense. I looked back at Anni and she blushed and smiled at me. I pressed my breasts up on her face, she licked and kissed them as I rode her.

She picked me up with ease and placed me on all fours, I was bent over and she just pounded my pussy with her tail. I groaned and moaned sexually as I wanted more of her in me. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as her tail fucked my pussy. All you could hear is our skin smacking in her house. Just the loud sexual sound of her hips hitting my round ass as hard as she can go. I lowered my upper body and arched my back. She gripped my waist even more and her dominance over my pussy was so wanted. Gods, I am so wet right now thinking about this… She ended up at some point in the night of teasing my anus. Gods… I am such a dirty girl!

Eventually I came, and squirted hard. The rest of the night became fuzzy as the wine in me has the rest of the night in a blur. But gods… my pussy felt a bit sore the next day, but oh so worth it. I look forward on her fucking me again like that. Maybe one day I can get both Anni and her to fuck both my holes… and maybe even someone else can fuck my mouth…


Gentle Touches and Tribbing

I touched her skin delicately, slowly turning her around.  I cupped her breasts, squeezing.  She was ready and so was I.  I played with her body before pressing my pussy against hers.  Our warm lips exchanging fluids.  We squealed and moaned.  Our love mixing, splashing, dripping.  Warm. Silky. Sweet.

As she came, I could feel her warm fluids pass into my body.  Warm and thick.  Her cum filled me.  We rubbed and ground.  Over and over we exchanged fluids.  Her mouth on my full pussy.  I released, giving her all.  She swallowed and sucked.  Drinking our mixed nectar.

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