Beach Party!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our beach party bash!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our beach party bash!  We all had an awesome time dancing and meeting new friends.  DJ Psyiah kept the tunes running all night and we had a twerking contest!

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A Birthday Surprise!

Gods….it was to hot, watching them all dance for me!

I was welcomed home, a few days ago, by some beautiful girls who all threw me a surprise birthday party! But before I get ahead of myself: First I received a wonderful new sweater from my wife. I love it! Gods, the way it rubs on my nipples! So soft and stimulating…

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Then, when I did get home, my girls were all there to greet me!

I was led inside where I found the basement wall all decorated and setup for a show. And what a show I received! All the girls danced for me, it was a masquerade dance contest! I sat back and stared at all their beautiful, sexy bodies as they all danced for me.

With the dancing well under way, they all lined up so I might judge them.

SO many pretty girls!  I just had to give them all a prize!

Gods….it was to hot, watching them all dance for me!  I joined them as we danced and shortly there after, clothing started coming off!

After dancing for a while, I was taken to the bedroom where a number of the girls all enjoyed my body.  I had so many mouths on me and I came so many times!  What a wonderful birthday party!

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Thank you girls for such a great party and for making me orgasm so many times! ♥♥♥