A Gift Like No Other

The words she spoke brought tears to my eyes and I was literally speechless.

“When a bond between dragons, or a dragon and someone else get strong, there is a rite we preform for that person. Like in times of war, most of the soldiers would do this for there commanders, kids would do it for parents during a big time in there life, and its also used between lovers.”

My owner handed me the knife.  It had a wooden handle, looking like it was centuries old.  It was hand carved.  The blade mirrored the handle.  It was sharp and showed no signs of age.  The tip was shaped like a hook and came around to a sharp point.

I searched her body for one scale, the prettiest scale.  I was filled with fear at first.  I mustered up the strength as my fingers and eyes combed her naked body.  The I found it.  The sun caught it just right and it shimmered.  It was a deep dark blue like all the others but there was something special about it.  When the morning sun hit it, it shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, dominated by a brilliant, bright, almost metallic turquoise blue.  I had located the scale, of my choosing, I was to remove.

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I slipped the hook of the knife under the scale and around the tendon which held it in place.  I looked Sky in the eyes and told her how much I loved her, how much she meant to me.  Without flinching and in one swift movement I pulled the hook through and cut the scale free.

The pain was great.  Her reaction, I will spare the details there of.  But know the pain I inflicted on her was great.  I healed her wound, stopping the blood.  My fingers tingled as they passed aetheric energy through her wound, closing it up.  She sat up in front of me, smiling, and asked me to remove my collar.  Moments later the stone which once hung in the pendant was replaced with the scale.  The brilliant scale was seated in a gold setting.  She clipped it back around my neck.

“Happy Birthday Anni.”  The words she spoke brought tears to my eyes and I was literally speechless.

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My collar and dragon scale pendant.

She has given me a symbol of her love and dedication to me:  The scale was selected by me, the prettiest of all her scales, indicating her willingness to give up anything for me.  The scale was removed by me, indicative of the trust she has in me.  The scale will never grow back, she has given me a piece of her body.  The pain was unlike any other, she will endure anything for me.  The scale hangs from the collar she gave me.  I carry a piece of my owner with me where ever I may go.  It is a symbol of her beauty and is a promise of her undying love for me.

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Thank you for the love you show me.

What is Beauty?

You can love someone for their physical beauty or their inner beauty…

Over the last year I have come to know Psyiah in a deep and meaningful way.  She has opened up her soul to me and in that time we not only shared adventures with each other, but shared tears.  I have come to be a part of her, not just figuratively, but emotionally.  She is beautiful, her eyes, complexion and figure.  I find it all so very alluring and attractive.  Clearly her physical beauty means a lot to me.

Over time, as I have grown to know her and appreciate her. My definition of how she is beautiful has changed.  She guards me, protects me, provides for me.  She puts my feelings, needs and desires above her own.  Clearly her inner beauty means a lot to me.

My love for her, its meaning, and roots were recently tested when she was abducted and forced to drink a potion which ultimately changed her into an Au-Ra.  If you followed us through that story, you know that transformation was not easy for either of us.  Our love for each other was tried.  Her new appearance was hard to accept.  Clearly her physical beauty means a lot to me.

The captors’ goal was to divide us.  Ultimately we proved them wrong and our love transcended.  It was what we found within each other that kept us going and kept us in love.  Clearly her inner beauty means a lot to me.

Jump ahead a few months.  Psyiah and her unit were sent out on a training mission.  While out and about, a tome was discovered and within that tome: ancient magics.  With the assistance of the scholars in her unit, passages where translated and low and behold one of them promised to undo dark magics, and it did.  Psyiah returned home to me in her original Miqo’te form.  I was captivated by her beauty and cried.  Clearly her physical beauty meant a lot to me.

Beauty takes on many forms and they are all important.  We are creatures of the gods and as such are attracted to that which we find physically beautiful.  Physical beauty captivates us and draws us in.  But it alone will not sustain a relationship.  There needs to be more.  Its the inner beauty that keeps the love alive.  Its the beauty we find inside which truly strengthens the relationship.

I am so very happy to have my kitty back.  She is truly beautiful to me in many ways.  I cherish her and will hold her close to my heart forever.

You can love someone for their physical beauty or their inner beauty or both.  Either way, its the way the gods designed us, and its OK.

Psyiah: I love you for ALL that you are.  You are so very special to me and always will be.