A Gift From Aika

I could see her getting queasy as she laid down on the bed…

I arrived home from the lab one night to find my obedient pet waiting at the door for me.

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There was obviously something on her mind as she asked to speak freely but then didn’t have much to say.

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She led me inside…

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down stairs…

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and eventually to the bed room.

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We sat on the bed for a while and talked about her relationship with us, more specifically her relationship with me.  I had no cause for concern nor did she.

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But then she did something…

She unrolled a towel and on the towel was a hook shaped blade.  One I had seen before. My eyes got big. “Aika….” I had no words.  She looked at me as a tear ran from her eye.  The tear only made me tear up as well.  I knew now why she had brought me there, why we had talked, why…..she had the tool.  I clasped my hands over my mouth as she slid the tip of the blade under one of the scales on her thigh.

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The pain must have been incredible.  With one swift pull, she cut through the flesh connecting the scale to her body.  She dropped the knife and reeled over in pain.  She bit her lip, trying to be strong and quiet.  I could see her getting queasy as she laid down on the bed.

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I held a piece of the towel over the wound, stopping the bleeding.  She laid on the bed panting, conscious but in a lot of pain.  You see, every scale on a dragon’s body has a nerve that runs into it.  To remove a scale is to sever that nerve and cause a great deal of pain.

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After some time, she sat back up.  I moved in closer to her and wiped her tears.  With a shaky hand she picked up the beautiful scale and placed it in my hand.  My heart was pounding in my chest, tears running from my own eyes.  I trembled as a piece of Aika’s spirit was willingly placed into my hand.

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A dragon scale is the most sacred gift an Au Ra can bestow upon someone.  It is not just a part of their bodies but a spiritual part as well.  Legend has it that an Au Ra’s spirit resides in their scales.  To remove their scales leaves them empty.  In my hand I held a piece of Aika’s spirit.  Typically an Au Ra will only give out one or two scales in their entire lifetime.  It is special and sacred beyond words.

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Yet there in my hand was my pet’s scale.  It was dark black and shimmered with the metallic colors of the rainbow and beyond.  As i gazed upon it with watery eyes, I would have sword i saw an image of the heavens upon it.  I wept as I looked upon the scale.  Holding it tightly in my hand, I wrapped my arms around Aika and held her.

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Time stopped.  I held the beautiful creature in my arms promising her over and over again that I would never let her spirit go.

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I love you Aika.  You are an amazing Au Ra, a beautiful and obedient pet and an incredible friend.  I love you.

A Very Special Au Ra

It was not an easy decision, nor was it one made over night.  After some discussion and a few tears, my owner and I decided it would be best if she released me.  My heart hoped this day would never come, but that is not reality.  Sadly it arrived rather quickly.  You see, my master suddenly found herself moving and changing jobs.  Her new job is at night where as mine is during the day.  This means we would rarely ever see each other.

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I will always remember our special times together.  She was truly a one-in-a-million as she didn’t just care for me, she loved me with a love like no other.  I still remember the day she asked me to move in with her!

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I will continue to keep her scale close to my heart, but now as a memento of her love for me.  My collar remains around my neck but it is unlocked.  I will keep it for the rest of my life only removing it when someone steps forward to adopt me.

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The evening she gave me one of her scales

I remember one evening, she surprised me with a special dinner date.  She treated me like a queen, when I deserved it, but also punished me if it was appropriate.  She is and will always be a very special Au Ra to me.  I will never forget her.

Master, if you are reading this, I want you to know there will forever be a hole in my heart where you belong.  You are so very special to me.  I will be strong, and I will move forward but you will always have a place in my heart.  Should circumstances change in the future, I would gladly call you my owner once more.

I love you Sky.

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