A Whole New World

In a swirl of ǽther, my unconscious body had been lowered from the heavens to the ground.

In a swirl of ǽther, my unconscious body had been lowered from the heavens to the ground. I was stirred awake only by the gentle chirping of crickets and frogs nearby.

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I felt like I had slept for days and my body tingled as I stirred.  Something poked me in the back, a stick.  I was laying on the bare ground. As I shifted the evening air kissed any exposed skin it found: my arms, face and feet.

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I sat up, my vision was blurred. I rubbed my eyes in an effort to clear the fog. A fire pit was nearby though there was no sign of a recent fire. Dried leaves and an empty bottle of mead indicated it had been quite some time since the pit had been used. But why was I there? What had happened to me? I sat quietly, hands in my lap, as thoughts raced through my head.

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I stumbled as I stood up. My head pounded and I felt dizzy.  I felt as if I might fall over. Clearly I had stood up too fast.  I put my head in my hands trying to regain my composure.

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I looked around in a bit of a panic, as I realized I was alone and not wearing familiar clothes.  Was I even in the Eorzea any more? The landscape certainly wasn’t familiar.

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I looked around for anything familiar. Nothing. My heart pounded in my chest as worry took over, overshadowing my throbbing headache.  I recalled talking with Tataru at the base of the Crystal Tower. There was a portal. Yes! A portal!  Had I gone through it?

ffxiv_dx11 2020-01-07 20-24-58

I looked to the ground.  I felt strange. Taller. I lifted my gown a bit. My legs were really long.  I gazed upon myself. I reached for my tail and looked behind me. It was gone! My ears twitched. I recall feeling them, on top of my head. I reached up to where they should have been and felt nothing. As my hands moved to the top of my head I quickly discovered I had bunny ears! My Miqo’te ears and tail were completely gone.  Suddenly I realized: I MUST have gone through the portal after all.  Was I in fact in the First? Why was I a Viera? “Tataru!” I called out. Nothing.

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I was alone. I panicked again, not knowing where to go or who to look for. “Annimae!” Again: silence. I truly was alone.

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I set off on foot. I had to find someone or something. A city, a town, a village. Anything. Anyone who could tell me where I was. When I was.  I needed to find my Anni kitty…

ffxiv_dx11 2020-01-07 20-58-53

I could see a blue glow in the distance. I decided to head in that direction.  I stumbled a bit as I walked.  I was thirsty and tired.  My headache was fading now. Getting up and moving helped a lot.

ffxiv_dx11 2020-01-07 20-56-02

I approached the tower in awe. It looked very similar to the Crystal Tower but I knew it wasn’t.  “I must be in the First!” I told myself.

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ffxiv_dx11 2020-01-07 20-59-25

The view was absolutely amazing. The wrought iron framed buildings with clouded blue glass walls were breathtaking.  The tower stood paramount over the city. Majestically glowing.

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ffxiv_dx11 2020-01-07 21-02-47

I entered the city quickly. My need for sustenance and answers was trumped only by the loss I felt in my heart. I needed my Anni.

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ffxiv_dx11 2020-01-07 21-03-20

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