Post Dating

Blanche appears back to the Goblet where her little home sweet home stands next to the roman baths. She walks back home, wishing her faithful retainer a good night before leaving the crisp cold night air behind. She locks the door and makes her way downstairs undressing. A boot here, another there, a skirt, a top, underwear and..


In the hot bath she goes…the hot water working its magic on her sore muscles. It was a long day of errands and crafting…even a warrior of light needs gil from time to time..


‘’ How can I miss her so much already… ‘’

Blanche couldn’t think of anything else but Anni. The way she smiles and how her little cheeks redden when she giggles. Everything about her makes Blanche feels so…happy. A deep happiness she haven’t felt in a very long time…

I mean even doing hard work for an Au Ra with a big pig head is fun when she’s around…

Blanche chuckles, finishes her bath and dries herself before jumping in her merry mog bed. That night she fell asleep with the biggest grin on her face, all tucked up thinking of her new special friend: Annimae…

Author: Blanche


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