A Ring That Binds

My heart… my heart… it won’t stop beating so rapidly!

A few weeks ago, I did something… that I had been thinking for a while and that I have been wanting to do. As you all know, Aika is my girlfriend and no longer my pet, that being said, she means so much to me. And like Annimae, I hold her close to my heart. Aika told me she wanted to go around and sight see, so… that is what we did. I showed her my life, my life before we met Aika… and the life that it is now… now that I have met Aika, and she is part of Anni and my life.

I started by showing her where my life changed… where it began into a new journey with Anni, my soulmate. I showed her where we first met, Costa Del Sol. I then showed her where Anni bought a new house in Mist… a house that she bought me… and for her to start our new lives together. Although our house is no longer there, the same location remains. I told her that is where I purposed to her. That I asked her to be mine, to take my heart and hold on to it, and where she said yes.

I next showed her where we got married, where our lives became bonded… and how my life… our lives turned a new page. How we declared our love for each other, before many of our closest friends… and when our souls became as one. The place where the gods blessed us, and joined us on as one soul. Soon after I showed her where a pivotal point in Anni and my life changed… changed so much. I took her to see the spot where Anni asked a question that I still

Hanging Barbs

I showed her where we asked her to join us a pet, at the Floating City of Nym, La Noscea. Memories came through my head as to what was said that day, and how Aika… without hesitation dedicated herself to both me and Annimae.

This is where I… presented her with the ring.


ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-23 00-24-12

Lastly I showed her where our lives stared.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-23 00-42-35


We ended up back at home and cuddled extra close.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-23 01-19-01





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